Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fruit Fly Battle

They are back. What do fruit flies, a compost bucket, bananas and beer have in common? All are working together and against each other. Once again, year two of the fruit fly battle. After feeding them apple juice unsuccessfully, I have resorted to beer--which I must mention that my 6 year old neighbor delivered to my front door yesterday. (Should he have a license for that?) So . . . it worked last year. Pour beer (preferably a strong, dark amber brew) into a ramekin bowl. Place Saran Wrap over the bowl and poke holes. The idea is that the fruit flies are smart enough to get to the beer, blinded by their addiction to sweet things. However, they can't get get out of their trap. I suppose they don't realize that God is good (see earlier post). This year, my trap doesn't seem to be working. It is different beer and I fear that this lesser quality just isn't as attractive. I need a stronger temptation . . .

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lack of a caffeine buzz

I have taken the plunge, or lack of a plunge, for two days. No caffeine, unless you count the buzz in green tea, which actually is more medicinal than stimulating. Why am I doing this? I like caffeine and I love having my morning cup of chai as I sit and read my bible, while constantly having a little boy pursue me with relentless passion to see what new thing he has built. I can carefully hide my mouth with my HUGE mug that either smiles in pleasure at his new creation, or frown because I so desperately want to be alone for JUST 5 minutes. However, the habit must go, as I found myself sneeking chai's and consuming up to three a day. You just can't lose weight drinking 2 chai's a day with raw whole milk and nice fresh local honey. Giving up the smell of those bitter tea leaves before they are dropped in--I am sad to see this 7 year habit disappear. I suppose I will start inviting more people over, so that I can make my company chai.

But I know that this habit can be overcome, even though it has been practiced for 2,555 days. I'm reading a great book, Getting to No: How to Break a Stubborn Habit, by Erwin Lutzer. To overcome a habit I must remember and believe three things, one of which has stuck to my bones more than the cream in my chai: I must believe that God is good. (Does this remind you of Aslan in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe?) "If you can accept that God is good, two results will follow: First, you will realize that you can surrender to Him without reservations or fear of being cheated; second, you will thirst for change, understanding that the temporary watering holes of the world cannot compare to the everlasting springs of life that are in Christ."

If I know that God is good, and wants my good, then I can part with my stubborn sin, knowing that God will replace it with something better. What is the better? Right now, probably weight loss, a closer walk with Him, getting rid of the idol of food, a lower grocery bill, and more energy to play with my family.

OK . . . time for some green tea. It just isn't the same. But hey, 40 days to make a habit? Pretty soon, plain old tea will feel like a treat. Right?

Monday, September 22, 2008

I am Published

I'm legit. I've arrived. I have my very own blog. Call me a woman, wife, mom, daughter, sister, lover of God, granola, bread baking, kombucha making, kefir fermenting blogger girl. Yahoo! Here is to remembering this season in my life.


OK . . . I'll stop being creative.

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This is me. And Willow, my camera. Together we capture moments in the Granola Family life. Together we can be quite annoying. But we work well together.

And later my legacy will thank me for it. In fact, some people even enjoy my pictures.

One day, February 13th to be exact, little me who wasn't so granola, met Hottie Hubby on a blind date. His name is Hottie Hubby because that is exactly what I think he is, HOT. YOU aren't allowed to even go there or think that. God gave The Hottie to me, Granola Wife.

The Hottie Hubby is a water engineer, which is probably why our kiddos love to build dams in the sand box, play in the rain, stomp in puddles, and throw rocks in a river. Hottie is probably the funniest person I know. Not only does he look good, but he is smart, a godly leader in our home, compassionate, creative, and insanely supportive of his emotional and dreamy wife. He loves to run, wrestle, date me (Awww! How cute!), read books, cook, eat chocolate, backpack in the snow, hike, and snowboard. In his spare time he reads my blog, changes diapers, and listens to me. I love him!

Here we are in Chicago, staring into a very large artistic structure. Creative don't you think? (Thanks for the idea, Sarah.)

Anyway, I am living life under the conviction of bringing my family closer to God by returning to traditional ways of eating, mothering, homeschooling, cloth diapering, gardening, and sewing while living alongside my husband, our three sons, and one furry lion hunter.

Let me introduce our three sons and the furry lion hunter.

Mr. Smackdown is my eldest. He is named Mr. Smackdown because of a game he and his dad play. Smackdown is simply defined as wrestling in our family. Mr. Smackdown loves to play smackdown. He gets to be close to his daddy and practice the skills that God gifted him with . . . strength, valor, adventure. Mr. Smackdown loves school, coloring, cooking, and being a helper. He is great at riding his bike, memorizing AWANA verses, and backpacking.

Next comes Mr. Me-Too. If you stand still too long be prepared for a great big bear hug from this lovable fellow. Mr. Me-Too derives his precious name because he always wants to do things alongside us. When asked if he wants to play football, ride bikes, eat chocolate, play smackdown, or catch some Veggi-Tales he pipes up an enthusiastic "me-too!" Mr. Me-Too LOVES gynmastics, football, cutting paper, looking at books, snuggling with our dog, and getting massages from Mom and Dad.

And soon after Mr. Me-Too came Mr. Smiley. Watch out! If you look at him long enough, he will be sure to flash a winning smile at you. Mr. Smiley is like opening a little present each day. Born at home in the water, he has always just glided along. You can be sure to find him opening up his play kitchen doors, climbing over the dog, asking for milk, and watching his brothers intently. He loves to explore, go for wagon rides, give wet kisses, and giggle.

Lastly, at least for now, is our furry lion hunter, Mussoorie the Rhodesian Ridgeback. She is a constant source of annoyance and laughter. She is an economical and efficient vacuum and bedroom heater. Be prepared to have her lean against you and prop her head on your lap, should you sit on her the couch. She loves chasing balls, catching food, and foraging through waste baskets.

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I welcome any comments and suggestions as long as they are constructive. I will attempt to reply back in a timely manner.

Please read my disclosure statement regarding advertisements and reviews. I do welcome both, but with a few friendly conditions!