Friday, April 29, 2011

Everybody Needs a Back Seat Driver

I called a friend . . . and nearly sobbed like a baby.  Cried like my sons do when scratched by Ruth. 


Change is hard.  Especially when it involves food. 

And when said certain food creates a beneficial environment in which a body can properly detox, it ain’t purty. 

But it is good for you.

I don’t want to scare you off from pursuing the GAPS Intro Protocol diet that really clenches the healing and sealing of the walls of your gut . . . but I will be honest with you.

It can get ugly.  It has gotten ugly in our house.

I have read that it doesn’t have to get ugly.  However, I don’t know how to do that, because, as usual, I started something before I had finished reading the entire set of instructions and book. 

It said to read the book and wait a month. 

As a result, we are stepping back a little bit.  We will remain a grain-free family (for a season).  However, the Engineer and I are reintroducing some fruit, raw veggies, eggs, and raw milk to our diet instead of serving ourselves bone broth with boiled meat and super cooked vegetables.


Let me back up a little bit, the Engineer and I have “detoxed” together without problems.  We typically take a very gentle approach using a product called Perfect Cleanse, put out by Garden of Life. 

This time we dove headfirst into the GAPS diet –- we all did, sans Ruthie.  (Although she has been acting officially off-the-wall.)

I don’t know that I would recommend detox-ing as a family to anyone.  I suppose it was nice to get all of the grumpiness  (anger, lethargy, and achiness) over together at the same time.  But it has been intense. 

It has been rocky.  I have thought to myself.  Health?  Who needs it.  I don’t want to be grumpy and uncomfortable . . . even if it is just for a few days.

However,  to do it over again, I would opt for the adults going through the GAPS Intro Protocol  diet in the fall or winter first, so that our heads are on straight when we guide our children through.

And I probably would gradually eliminate grains . . . instead of going cold turkey. 

On a positive note, Gabe now likes cheese eggs!


And I have lost 6 pounds.

So, I tell you the truth because sometimes it is nice to know someone who has walked in your shoes -- ahead of you.  Someone who understands and won’t think that you are weird, or diagnose you, or laugh at you.

Like I said, I called my friend, Sarah.  Her family just experienced the same transformation and has lived to tell about it.  She walked through a detox before me with her entire family.  Sarah has been my taxi driver through the city of detox.  She knows the short cuts, road blocks, and alleys. 

She told me I was normal.  We were normal.  She told me to love on my kids even though I didn’t want to.  She especially encouraged me to bathe my children in prayer and speak Scripture over them . . . because they can’t identify why they feel yucky.


My children don’t realize that the reason they are all discombobulated is because of what I have been feeding them.   Or rather . . . haven’t been feeding them.

 013(French Onion Soup from the Grain Free Menu Plan)

My point in all of this besides being honest, is to encourage you to take a taxi ride with someone who has been down the road you are about to take. 

For several years it felt like our family was in the middle of Kansas with no car in sight.  I didn’t know many who were eating like us, cloth diapering, visiting Farmer’s Markets, making laundry detergent . . . or whatever else I have listed on my Frugal Organic pull down menu.

It was a lonely place filled with trial and error.  Some U-turns. 

That is why I started this blog.  (Well, one of the reasons.)

I didn’t want you to travel alone.  I wanted to to be your backseat driver . . . point out some tips along your whole foods journey.

But I realize that to utilize my blog as a map for your journey . . . is actually very difficult.  I think you have to know what to look for.  

There is a search button . . . but sometimes it doesn’t even give me the blog post that I am looking for . . . and I wrote it!!!

So . . . if you want to begin your whole foods journey, let me introduce you to Kelly, the Kitchen Kop.   She is offering a class to teach you. . . to walk you through the steps towards Real Food. . . she will give you some tips so that you can learn how to change.  It’s titled the Real Food for Rookies Class.


The cost of the class is $145 . . . but will jump up to $190 starting May 7th. 

I know . . . it seems pricy.  However, I bet it will save you from buying countless recipe books, self-healing books, and well . . . time.  (This works out to $12 a class . . . so skip Starbucks once a month, assuming you go 3 times a week . . . not that I ever have.)

(Ahem. Cough.  Sputter.)

Or you can pick which class you want to take for $20.

I will be honest with you . . . I am not going to take the class at this time.  I am currently enrolled in the Reversing Food Allergies course and Get Fermented

And I’ve taken the journey you are about to engage in.  I don’t admit to know it all . . . but I am up to my eyeballs in learning right now. 

But if you are JUST STARTING OUT or are CURIOUS as to how to bring real food into your home . . . then I would imagine that Kelly has some priceless information to pass on to you.

Some perks:

  • 12 weeks of online classes with videos, downloadable audios, and written materials.
  • LIFETIME access! Read/listen/watch at your leisure.
  • Expert interviews with Sally Fallon Morell (President of the Weston Price Foundation), Dr. Kaayla Daniel (author of The Whole Soy Story), Jane Hersey (Director of the Feingold Association), Tom Naughton (Fathead filmmaker), and Jimmy Moore (Livin LaVida Low-Carb blog!)
  • BONUS: the price of this class will include so many generous members-only coupons and discounts that you’ll be able to recoup over half of the enrollment fee! Discounts on Green Pasture cod liver oil, U.S. Wellness Meats, Biokult probiotics, stainless steel pans, fermented food starters & supplies, and organic ghee.
  • Free copy of the Kitchen Kop Real Food Ingredient Guide.
  • Members-only discussion forum (Chat about Real Food all you want and no one will think you’re a weirdo!)
You’ll Learn How To:
  • Save time and money while serving Real Food
  • Read labels and avoid dangerous ingredients
  • Make nourishing “fast food” meals to avoid last-minute trips to the drive-thru
  • Find healthier alternatives for soda pop, refined sugars, heart-killer oils, sugar-bomb breakfast cereals, factory farmed meat and more
  • Serve nutrient-dense foods that are necessary for good health
  • Take control of your health and change your family’s future!
  • click here to see a detailed class description

And so ends a long-winded post from Jodi. . . . that is what happens when you don’t have the internet for a week . . . so all your work goes into one post. 

In short, if you need a hand understanding how to navigate whole foods or real foods, allow Kelly to be your GPS.  Sign up, here!  (And please let me know if you do so that I can encourage you in your journey!)

And why else do I like Kelly . . . she has another cool blog, Christianity 101.

Use coupon code REALFOOD to receive $25 off! Valid until Monday night!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Last Secret: Oil

I have pretty much revealed almost all of the granola things about our life . . . much to the dismay of my adoring Engineer. 

Despite my attempts to get the man on Twitter . . . I believe he would rather suffer a major sports injury from cycling than enter the world of social media . . . a world where you have friends that are one-dimensional . . . and sometimes lack a face. 

There is one Granola Family secret I have yet to share with you. 

It’s a secret that resulted in my friendship with an online friend. 


Meet Rachel, my email buddy.  I met her though a Yahoo group I used to belong to a few years back.  She isn’t an email buddy anymore.  She is an IRL friend.  She showed up at my house on one of my WORST days, and still seems to be my friend.  


I have been cautious to share with you a little secret that we have.  Almost like a secret weapon. 

Because I thought you might not believe me.  You might stop reading my thoughts.  So I have refrained for 3 years in sharing with you this one last little secret.

Are you ready?

We use essential oils. 

There.  I said it. 

You may say, “What’s the big deal about that?” 

Well . . . I use essential oils for a lot of different things.  Essential oils have a lot of uses . . . and healing properties.

But I didn’t always believe.  I used to be a skeptic. 

Until I read my Bible. 

  • It always struck me that the wise men brought frankincense and myrrh to Jesus . . . we still value gold, so why not still use essential oils today?  There are over 188 references to essential oils in the Bible.  Hmmm . . .
  • Jesus was anointed with oil, “You did not anoint My head with oil, but this woman has anointed My feet with fragrant oil.”  (Luke 7:46)
  • Oil is used to heal the sick found in James 5:14, “Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”
  • There is even a recipe for holy anointing oil!  (Exodus 30:22-30)
    • myrrh (approximately 1 gallon)
    • sweet cinnamon (approximately 1/2 gallon)
    • sweet calamus (two hundred and fifty shekels)
    • cassia (five hundred shekels)
    • olive oil (approximately 1 1/3 gallons)
  • Essential oils were used in powerful ways, such as in Psalm 23: 5, 

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;

You anoint my head with oil;

My cup runs over

  • or Psalm 104: 14-15,

He causes the grass to grow for the cattle,

And vegetation for the service of man,

That he may bring forth food from the earth,

And wine that makes glad the heart of man,

Oil to make his face shine,

And bread which strengthens man’s heart.

Upon learning this, I started listening to what people had to say. 

What I kept hearing again and again, was that essential oils were life-changing . . . not life-changing like meeting Jesus, but live changing in improving the quality of life. 


Let me give you one example . . . well . . . two.

(ONE) Soon after Gabe was born, I seriously hurt myself . . . my rib . . . something.  I ended up in the emergency room because the pain was so bad.  They could find nothing wrong with me.  Grrrr . . . . that was a waste of my time and money.

So . . . I went home and dug out my Young Living Pan Away oil. 

Young Living Oils 001 It hit the spot. 

I rubbed it on.  The pain disappeared. 

(TWO)  Recently, I went to the Cincinnati Homeschoolers Conference.  Great conference.  Had a delightful time with my baby girl.

One issue however . . .  I wore her non-stop for two days. 

homeschool conference 004

As a result, I developed a few odd spots in my back and shoulder that my chiropractor is still working on  . . . several weeks later.

Rather than taking aspirin . . . I rub Pan Away on my sore collar bone (with a carrier oil called Ortho-Ease).  I don’t notice my pain until the end of the day . . . or I take a nap.

True statements. 

Wanna know more? Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing. 

In the meantime, let me know if you would like some oils!  I’m a Young Living Distributor! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Naomi’s Accessory

I never knew a tongue could be an accessory . . . but it can be. 

When Naomi is awake . . . you can always find her sporting her tongue. 


Wordless Wednesday . . . find it over at 5 Minutes for Mom.

(By the way, I can’t get the apostrophe to show up on my title.)

Monday, April 25, 2011

One Thousand Gifts continued . . .

108.  Adult dog teeth, because puppy teeth are sharp.


110.  Cartridge World (thanks Michelle!)

111.  The Engineer who stayed up late to help me lay out my garden, complete with graphing paper.

112.  Listening to the Engineer instruct his “arrows” around the dinner table about the Resurrection.   And how the Engineer did a so-like-Brian thing . . . he used his phone and the phone read the Bible passages.  Of which, his arrows thought was great!  Which made for some very disappointed little boys when Mommy took over Bible this morning.

116.  scratch and sniff stickers

117.  a free Earth Day tree


120.  The surprise color of my emerging tulips.

121.  Baby poop that still smells like a breastfed baby . . . despite starting solids.  Oh how my dread turned to delight!


125.  Dying to self in order to give another a gift.

126.  The patience of one of my last sling customers . . . especially with the tardiness of my completing her order. 

128.  Hearing friends sing worship songs while I fed Naomi her supper. 


129.  Beautiful, delicate buds at a boy birthday party.


130.  lemon in my water

131.  Young Living Pan Away Essential Oil

132.  Jesus

Friday, April 22, 2011

Elementary Round Up

Due to an unforeseen sudden hiatus of our internet . . . I am just getting around to posting the bi-weekly Elementary Round Up.


So it will be short and sweet . . .

Granola Mom 4 God

We have had a great two weeks.
Highlights include:
  • finishing our Answers In Genesis study of Space and launching our study of weather
  • handwriting verses that have been sent to friends and family through the mail
  • an overnight with Nana and Mops (Grandpa) filled with lots of Legos


  • an attempt to visit the grand-opening of the Lego store (we didn’t get close to the door but we did help build an 8-foot Buzz Lightyear
  • enjoying our new Apologia study of Anatomy (I have learned so much!)
  • Stick figuring through the moving and true story of the Resurrection with Grapevine Studies
Good stuff.  Busy days.

What has been going on in your school room? 

If you don’t have a blog to link up with . . . leave a comment and tell us what your family did in the Learning Room!


  1. Write a blog post about your elementary aged child(ren), first through sixth grade, comprising the activities you did the prior two weeks.  You can include pictures, bullet points, tools used, learning gained, God moments, etc.
  2. Be sure to include a link back to my blog.  By doing so, other like-minded readers can hang out in a central location if they are looking for Elementary School ideas.   Publish your post and then head back to my site. 
  3. Provide the exact link (URL) of the Elementary Round-UP blog post you wrote, not your blog’s home address, through the provided MckLinky.
  4. Optional:   I would love it if you grabbed my blog button over on the side.
  5. You can combine this with other meme’s if that helps you to save time (as long as it is OK with the other blog owner). 

BIG IMPORTANT HEART MOMENT:  This isn’t a blog post to WOW other moms . . . the point of this is to help YOU document on YOUR blog what you and your child(ren) are learning.  My link-up is only to provide some accountability.  I won’t come and leave nasty comments on your blog if you don’t link up. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Need A Place To Walk and Grow

I need a place to walk and grow . . . my vegetables.


Can you help me?

I lack the skills to create my vision . . . my sanctuary . . . my family’s nourishment . . .


Things are growing in my greenhouse . . .


But I don’t know where to put them.  And I loathe the idea of a row garden.  I’ve been square foot gardening for several years now. 


The big picture is this: a respite – a haven for vegetables and beneficial insects – a garden for flowers . . . a quiet place that feels like the Lord’s sanctuary . . . not identical to the first garden . . . but close to such a place would be ideal.

{insert sheepish grin}


So how do I create gardening space?  Paths?  With what material?

My model . . . the gardens I love . . . are Slow Foods gardens . . . filled with circles of romaine, arches of carrots,  trellised gourds, tomatoes, and pumpkins all surrounded by sweet smelling herbs and enticing butterfly attracting flowers . . .

I don’t know how to create this space . . . the design . . . the layout . . . without having 16 squares repeated over and over again. 

I have my chance of a new design, using the principles of square foot gardening . . . minus the cost.

But I don’t know how to make it reality.  The box of dirt is ready.  The plants and seeds are ready.  But I am not.

Can you help me? 


Never Fail Almond Flour Chicken Fingers

I heart this meal. 

In fact, EVERYONE in my family gobbles this tasty and nutritious copycat. 


My kids refuse McDonald’s chicken nuggets (not that we really go there there.  The Looser-Cruiser has only ventured into said parking lot four times in six years) and the kids rarely finish Chick-Fil-A chicken tenders . . .

Of course, that makes me smile.  No, that makes me grin like a larger than life rainbow. 

I try to make leftover almond flour chicken fingers . . . but each time . . . only tiny crumbs remain.  (Until the Engineer licks gobbles them up.)

Almond Flour Chicken Fingers

(thanks to Nourished Kitchen Simple Dinners)


  • 1/2 cup almond flour (I grind my sprouted almonds in the Vita Mix.)
  • 1 1/2 tsps Celtic Sea Salt
  • 2 tbsps dried parsley
  • 1/4 tsp mustard powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces (scissors work GREAT to accomplish this slimy task!)


  • 2 whole eggs, beaten (I often omit these . . . at least before we started the GAPS diet).
  • 1/2 to 1 cup palm kernel oil, for frying


  • After enjoying the variety of contrasting colors in your mixing bowl, pretend you are a toddler and mess mix the following ingredients:  almond flour, sea salt, parsley, mustard powder, garlic powder, and paprika. 


I have found that dipping the chicken pieces in the eggs can be an optional step.  Before we started the GAPS diet, I kept my happy eggs in the fridge . . . due to the Engineer attempting to avoid them.  Why did he keep them at bay?  It was largely because some blood work informed him that he was “sensitive” to eggs.  I am curious to see *IF* he actually is “allergic” to them post GAPS introductory diet.

  • So . . . . long story made short.  You *can* now dip your chicken in the egg.  I almost wanted to say, you may now have the chicken kiss the egg.  Get it?
  • Then, dredge (what a great word) the chicken in the almond and spice mixture to provide a nice rough coat that won’t do anything to keep that chicken from frying.  Poor chicken. 


If you struggle with the smell of Palm Oil (such as me) either suck it up OR use butter, and lots of it!  (Of course coconut oil works equally well, but I really enjoy the taste that both palm oil and butter bring out.)


  • Heat the palm oil in a cast iron frying pan until it is melted and sizzles.  (You might want to move any important papers or um . . . a computer {if it happens to be nearby} so as not to have oil spots parachute down. (Not that I would know anything about this.)


  • Fry seasoned chicken in the oil (or butter) until it becomes a nice golden brown.  We actually like them somewhat crispy! 


Serve with dipping sauce . . . like raw honey or a yogurt-herb dip or the amazing honey-mustard dipping sauce that Jenny gave me . . .

Stinky-wizzle-spoons, I can’t give it to you.  You’d have to sign up for her meal plans


Actually, I just don’t have time to give you the recipe. 

School is about to begin. 

(By the way, just in case you didn’t notice . . . this post is littered with affiliate links.  You don’t have to click on them . . . but most of the time I include them because I can . . . and because I genuinely use what I have linked to.)  

Free Shipping and Some Winners

Poor Conny . . . she didn’t see my comment.  (Then again, I don’t think most people see the comments I write back to them.  They disappear into spam-land.)

I’m going to test her . . . and put her on the spot.

The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau

Does she really read my blog regularly?

Yoooo-hoooo . . . Conny?  You won the Little Light Creative Giveaway!!


I’m glad.  After all, she just mailed out something like 60 Narnia DVD’s at her own expense.  (By the way, you all blessed me . . . so many of you headed over to Conny’s blog from my blog . . . people do read me!)image

You can be a winner too . . . free shipping over at Little Light Creative if you use the code GM4G11

GREAT Mother’s Day present . . . hint . . . hint . . . hint.  (I like Psalm 128 or the Shama . . . just sayin’).


And the three winners for the Grain Free Giveaway . . . .

Sign Up for Grain Free Meal Plans


Heather, who wrote:

I've been reading your blog since beginning Bible in 90 Days program in January. Also, the GAPS diet has been mentioned in at least 3 different circles--making me wonder if I need to try it. My daughter, 15 yo, is finding she needs to eat gluten free due to what is probably allergies. I know I need to make changes for myself and the rest of my family too. This meal plan may be just the thing to get me on the right track. Thanks!

Angela H., who wrote:

I would love to win this! I've been wanting to get her meal plans as we begin the GAPS diet, knowing it would help tremendously with getting on track with the diet and save me lots of time!

and Jean, who wrote:

I would love to try the food plan out. I've been on GAPS intro for 4+ months now and have so many food restrictions that planning meals is truly becoming a nightmare. I'd love some inspiration and help!

If you didn’t win the Grain Free Menu Plan, I would so appreciate it if you do sign up for the menu plans, if you would go through my affiliate link!  Your clicks and purchases are helping me attend Relevant . . . which will bring you better content!  (Lord willing!)


Lastly, Jenny from Academy At Thousand Oaks won the Garden Flower Printable.  Don’t forget, you can purchase this inexpensive printable and help two lovely ladies attend Relevant!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interlox: A Guidecraft Review and Giveaway

I’ve told you before. 

I’m a wood toy snob. 

Sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . I can “like” something plastic.  But it’s got to be unbreakable like a Nalgene bottle, tough like a Kong, and creative like Magneatos.

Unfortunately, when the Guidecraft Interlox building toy entered our home . . . it had a competitor. 


A wood opponent.

Yet even this wood look-a-like has never been a favorite with the Granola children. 

Me . . .  I’m the one who put the similar building toy on my children’s wish list a few years back . . . and it isn’t uncommon that I end up playing with it when it is displayed on a Tot Tray.

However, the Interlox got even less enthusiasm than its wood counterpart. 

Maybe it was because I took the fun out of it.  I had defined boundaries and expectations for this building toy. 

I had a desired outcome that I engineered in the school room. 

I never pulled the Interlox out to encourage my children to creatively play with.  Boo-hoo on me. 

I had Sir Honey sort by color . . . I know, rather boring . . .


And Gabe did have a delightful time playing mailman to the Quaker Oats box -- that had the perfect hole that allowed for safe passage of an Interlox piece. 


Other Guidecraft Moms weren’t quite so dull as me . . . so don’t judge this toy by our experience . . . we just like the feel and texture of wood. 

After taking a sneak peak at some of the other reviews . . . you could:

  • stack the squares
  • create houses, fences, rocket ships, etc.
  • make patterns


Call me old fashioned. 

Actually, Guidecraft has had me spoiled with all of the other toys we have tried out from them! 

I blame Guidecraft!

For a chance to win Interlox, head on over to Cindy’s post over at Along the Way!

By the way, it has 96 pieces of “translucent plastic panels with inset details in five beautiful colors.”  The target age for this toy is 3 and up.  Find it at Guidecraft for $16.00 or on Amazon.

As a Guidecraft Mom blogger, this product was given to me for review purposes. I do not have to return the product to the vendor and I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Max on Life: A Review

I reaimaged Max when I first came to know Jesus.  For a while I felt like I “knew” Max. 

Up until about 10 years ago, I read every single book he had written . . . in fact, I read them before he wrote them.

Just kidding. 

But something changed.  I changed.  My walk with the Lord changed.  Instead of powerful stories or topical sermons . . . I really wanted to understand the words in the Bible for myself.  I wanted to know what Jesus really meant . . . the full context of a powerful statement.

Or . . . the culture behind Paul’s message.

I really wanted to pedal my own bike, I suppose.  And the more grounded I became, taking the spiritual training wheels off of my Bible, the less I read of Max Lucado’s work.

Max was/is an excellent teacher – the “Strider” in my life. . . someone that I grew under as I drafted off of him. 

Don’t get me wrong.  Max Lucado is an excellent writer.  He paints a picture with words – a true talent and gift of the Lord.  But I wanted the inspired Words of God to paint my spiritual backdrop. 

I like a good book . . . this you well know if you read my blog regularly. 

However, when it comes to pumping air into the tires of my spiritual 29’er . . . give me Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith… of my faith.  Give me my Bible.

That said . . . Max on Life is a book filled with questions from Max fans . . . someone like the Jodi of 10 years ago.  And those questions are answered by Max, the author.  Kind of like a call-in radio show… only in a book.

Most likely, I would not have bought the book.  But I would go to a bookstore on a date night and flip through the book looking for a soul stirring question to discuss with the Engineer. 

If you’re a Max fanatic . . . sprint . . . don’t roll to the store for this book.  But if you are a nominal fan and aren’t into books that are set up as a call-in radio show . . . don’t purchase the book.

Thank you Thomas Nelson for allowing me to read and review Max on Life.  I was not paid for this post and was encouraged to freely give my opinion.

I review for BookSneeze®

Friday, April 15, 2011

Watching and Copying

I can’t get away from it . . .  them . . . God’s Word . . . nor do I want to.


Due to the importance of these words . . . I am compelled to place them upon our walls.  In fact, Hannah has been commissioned to create such a wall hanging for me.  (Remember you could win the Shamah {or any Scripture wall hanging for that matter}.)

Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one! You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart.  You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up.  (Deut. 6:4-7)

I have seen evidence of this Scripture at work in my children’s lives.


Because, as I am sure you know, children model what they see . . . the good and the bad.


Which warms my heart and scares me all at the same time. 

Because I have boys.

Because I have a little girl.

Both boys and girls need to know God’s Word . . . but so does their mommy.

What if there comes a day when my children don’t see their mom sitting on the couch reading her Bible, journaling, attempting to put God’s Word into her heart?


If I’m not in God’s Word then do you know what else I’m not doing?

I’m not praying.

This is potentially even more frightening. 

I haven’t been sitting on that couch.  But my son has.  And he told me that he was because that is what I do for them. 


You see, though he hasn’t seen me reading my Bible recently, it is ingrained in his memories of me before my Bible in the morning, he assumed that somehow, somewhere I am still managing to find time to sit before my Father and spend time talking to my Lord about all His little children. (Long sentence.)

I’ve slacked.  I’ll be honest. 

I can’t, though.  I can’t slack.

I have two little boys who are now carrying around their Bibles -- racing to see where there is an asterisk in their Bible . . . because then they know that Mommy prayed that verse for them.

And now, they are wanting to copy those verses into their journals . . . because that’s what Mommy does.  It must be important if it is being written down.


Gulp.  Gotta get back to work. 

No, not work. 

Gotta get back to the honor of escorting the needs and concerns of my children before the throne of God.