Monday, April 11, 2011

1000 Gifts

Continuing my list of things that I am thankful for . . .

44.  Pink poke-a-dot gauze curtains billowing from a spring breeze as I nurse my baby.

45.  open windows

46.  noses that stop running like a leaky faucet

47.  meeting an email Young Living  friend after several years of correspondence


48.  that same friend giving me an amazing neck massage that I had prayed for earlier that morning, unbeknownst to her

49.  smelling new essential oils, like rose . . .

50.  breakfast in bed on a morning I don’t feel so well . . . by my son and complete with a napkin

51.  Naomi in sunglasses


52.  Spring weather that unveils baby feet.


53.  Costco samples

54.  Soooooooooo thankful that the Engineer doesn’t like danger and adventure nearly as much as the man in the movie, 127 Hours, that we watched on date night.

55.  a little boy who wore a clip-on tie with a Thomas the Train shirt and camouflage shorts, complete with orange crocks, a jean hat, and sunglasses while he played in the sand table.  I wish I  had a picture.

56.  a blooming rhododendron that hopefully I won’t kill (I killed two at our old house.)


57.  packages ready to be mailed

58.  a slight sunburn that implies that I actually rested on Sabbath

60.  no gate in our kitchen, which means Ruthie can be trusted a smidgen more


61.  externally, mind you, a cleaned and organized kitchen


61.  smelling the essential oil, rose.

Have you been thankful for any of these things?



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