Monday, February 28, 2011

Pirose Nursing Cover: A Review

If you would have asked me in high school . . . in college . . . even my first year of marriage . . . or my third year of marriage . . . if I would one day resemble a cow . . .

A lactating cow . . .

I would have mocked you. 

I would have gotten squeamish on you.  I quite possibly might have fainted on you.

The idea of a child nursing.  Of a baby eating from a mom’s . . .

Due to my immaturity and (really) lack of understanding that “breast is best” (There.  I said it.  I said the “b” word.) I simply could not imagine enjoying this intense relationship that a baby has with his/her mommy. 

Now, I can’t imagine any other way -- four babies later. 

Nobody tells you that this nurturing relationship is difficult to learn, though.  Perhaps there are some Eve’s out there who were able to nurse without help . . . without instruction . . . without reading oh maybe 4 books on the subject. 

I was not an Eve.  I say Eve because Eve was the first gal to feed her baby. 

Asher was my hardest child to nurse.  Little did I know that the poor guy needed to receive craniosacral therapy to release the tension in his jaw and to move down some plates in his head. 

Oh, mom and baby were miserable.   We have horrid pictures.  

The Hottie might have been more miserable.  He had to deal with two crying, sleep deprived individuals.  It was rough.

Four mastitis infections, two rounds of thrush, and countless blebs later . . . we had a happy nursing relationship that lasted until he was 13 months old when I became pregnant with Ezra.  (Asher actually knew I was pregnant before I did! He quit nursing!)

As much as I wanted to give up on this supposedly magical gift a mom bestows to her child, I whipped out the lactose machine though the pain.  In order to get well, I had to keep nursing . . . in public and at home.

I hated the public part.  And I still do. 

But I do it. 

Needless to say, I was pretty excited to try out the Reno Rose Pirose Nursing Cover.  I figured it was the closest to nursing in public while looking like a full-figured nursing model.

You see, having a daughter has made me want to be slightly more fashionable.  Though I have yet to even come close to achieving what is currently in fashion, I thought this Nursing Cover just might take me in the right direction. 

And it could have . . . I just didn’t like the fabric pattern that I was sent (I know . . . ungrateful). 


I . . .um  . . . don’t do leaves well.  I like funky patterns.  Like this one (though she looks rather dramatic):


or this one:


As far as being a useful tool for a mother.  Yes.  It appears to do everything my slings can do, BUT hold a baby.  Not to mention it looks fashionable.  And pretty . . . not matronly. 


It doesn’t scream, “I’m a lactating mom.  Watch out.  I might spray you.”  (Sorry, just a little humor for those women who have, what shall I say, an overabundant milk supply.  A forceful geyser-like milk supply.)

You can wear this accessory some 12 different ways!

If you don’t have a sling, then I would recommend the Pirose Nursing Cover ($35).  Give it as a gift to the fasnionalbe pregnant lady in your life . . . who is squeamish about lactating.  (I just love that word!)

By the way . . . please read how Pirose was birthed into production.  It is a pretty neat story. 

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Reno Rose for this review.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things Are Coming to a Close

The deadline is almost here. 

Two free books.  And one symbiotic culture (water kefir grains).

  • Always True by James MacDonald . . . . This isn’t just a good book.  It’s a GREAT book.

Hardly any of my IRL friends have entered.  Does anyone read my blog anymore? 

Let’s see, leave a comment telling me what is stopping you from make all the changes in your life that you need to make to be healthier

I will randomly choose someone to send some homemade granola to.  Are you listening?  Enter all three giveaways, give yourself three entries (comments).  Tweet about it and give yourself another entry.


400+ of you receive my blog posts in your email.  Are they going to no-man’s land?  Another handful of you read me on Facebook.  The other handful pick and choose what you will read of mine on your Google reader . . . . and the last bit find me on Twitter.  Which are you?  Tell me by leaving a comment for another chance to win my granola

Back to the giveaway recap:

  • Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon . . . . seriously if you follow my blog . . . you know a lot of my recipes come from here.  You could even email me . . . requesting me to write a tutorial on a certain recipe.  On this particular giveaway you receive bonus entries if you sign up for the Get Cultured e-course.

Speaking of which, there is a bonus lesson being offered.  Bonus.  Free extra lesson.  Yup.  Sign up for the Get Cultured e-course through this BONUS link.  You’ll receive 2 VIDEO TUTORIALS, 2 RECIPES, 2 PRINT TUTORIALS, and 2 FAQ SHEETS.

Here is a bit of subliminal advertising.  Play the following video (in your bedroom) over and over all night long while you sleep.  Then, in the morning . . . sign up for the Get Cultured e-course.  (You can give yourself another entry for the Nourishing Traditions giveaway if you watch the below video.)

Remember, set your calendar to have some school in your pajamas on March 4th, 2011 with the Get Cultured:  Learn How to Ferment Anything (shoelaces?  twinkies?).

The price goes up on March 1st, 2011. 

All I am asking you to do is pray about it.  Discuss the course with your spouse or your parents or your dog before you purchase. 

I wouldn’t be nagging you . . . OK harping at you . . . if I didn’t think that fermentation was important. 

It’s just that I think it is important.  I so wish I had had the Get Cultured e-course at my fingertips when I entered the whole foods/traditional eating/fermenting lifestyle.  Life – would --  have --  been – easier. 

I’m done with my speel. 

Have a great rest of the weekend.  Stay tuned for some questions.  Questions that my IRL (in real life) friends DREAD me asking.  They are coming your way. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Simple Woman’s Daybook



Outside my window... there is beautiful, white snow.  Again. 

I am thinking... that my feet itch, my puppy will hop off of the couch at any moment (when I’m not looking) and disappear in search of something sentimental to eat, and that it is amazing I haven’t dropped my camera sooner.  Yes, beloved Willow is in the shop.  I dropped her on the way to a basketball game last weekend. 


I am thankful for... a friend who called me and unexpectedly invited me out for a movie (go see The Grace Card – you will need to bring tissues), weekends, the thunder-thighs of my 4-month old daughter, seeing my Mom and MIL enjoy my kids so much, a date with the Hottie tonight, moments when Ruth isn’t biting, and that Puppy Kindergarten begins tomorrow.


From the learning rooms...  geography, particularly South Korea. 

I have been chatting with Beth Moore some more about the Fruit of the Spirit.  I’ve learned that there are two types of patience.  One that God refers to as persevering through circumstances based upon the hope of something better and one that refers to people . . . extending mercy.  And um . . . that is the one God highlights in the Fruit of the Spirit.  God knew it was easier to plod along through circumstances.  But it is far more difficult to faithfully love a difficult person.  Which reminds me . . . here is cool quote from The Grace Card.

 I PROMISE to pray for you every day,

ask for your forgiveness, grant you the same,

and always be your friend.

You can actually send someone their own Grace Card here.  (You can personalize it!)

From the kitchen... beans are soaking and rice is sprouting.  Thank you Nourished Kitchen

I am creating... lots of compost but nowhere to put it, work for the hubby as I plan my garden, and lent from drying our clothes.  (milk – still, praise the Lord!)

I am going... to make lunch.

I am reading… The $64 Tomato, the Bible, and whatever my kids are reading.

I am hoping... to bless the Hottie by shoveling the driveway before he comes home . . . but I certainly wouldn’t bet money on it happening.

I am hearing...  my stomach and a high-pitched children's CD playing in Gabe’s room while he has his Quiet Time.  Two other boys are being somewhat noise in the basement for their “supposed” Quiet Time.  And my stomach, did I mention that?

Around the house...  toys.  Lent.  Dust.  I’m trying to see how thick the dust build up can get.  Thinking about entering Guinness Book of World Records.  Not really.  But sometimes I wonder.

One of my favorite things... sleeping.

A few plans for the rest of the week(end):  I’m hoping to change some dirty diapers, get a small amount of sleep, and be busy cleaning.  NOT!!!!  But seriously . . . puppy kindergarten, family night, and roast a chicken with 40 garlic cloves!!!!

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...


Link up and read more daybooks at Peggy's blog.

Gabby Mom Review: Eternal Encouragement Newsletter

I am getting ready to read two newsletters. (I actually read three.)

I am going to test the newsletters to see if they do what they are supposed to do.

They are supposed to encourage me.  That’s why I signed up for them.

I need some encouragement.  I broke two plates on accident today.  The puppy, who is attending Puppy Kindergarten tomorrow, needs some serious help.  Actually, her parents need help.  It’s been 9 years since I trained a dog. 

A lot has happened since then.

OK . . . so I was trying to make lunch.  It was supposed to be a simple lunch.  Trader Joes pizza sauce on some sprouted bread with a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese, crispified in the toaster oven. 


Except one thing.  I had one howling dog and three children trying to fly airplanes at the speed of sound. 

You know what happens when an airplane goes that fast, right?


I broke the plates.  But I’m at least fessing up, unlike a certain Veggie Tales character.  I’d show you a picture, but I dropped my camera (not because I was angry, but because I was in a hurry.  Though it was safely nestled in my satchel, it didn’t survive the fall.  So . . . Willow is at the camera shop today.)

Just so you know, this is a real time post.  Hang on.  I’m going to read the Eternal Encouragement Magazine newsletter written by Lorrie Flem.


First paragraph is already relevant.  Depression.  Taking thoughts captive.  Darn!  Should have know that God knows what I need to hear at just the right time.

Moving on to the second paragraph. And the third.  She got me again, read this:

. . . . you have to put the Bible where the dirt has been. Take a Bible bath daily. Dwell on what you read. Write it down, so you remember it. And use it that day, so it becomes part of you. There's no substitute for memorizing the Word of God.

D. L. Moody said it so well, "When you think sin - think Scripture." I like what my mama wrote in my Bible, "Either sin will keep you from this book, or this book will keep you from sin." Now you have a weapon that can tear down a stronghold of sin and tame the most sinful of thoughts.

This really only confirms what I told you on Monday.  That is called the Holy Spirit working within the body of believers. 

Newsletters.  I’m finding that their job isn’t to clutter my inbox (which is currently at 374).  Newsletters serve as reminders.   (I will soon have one -- thanks to Ann Marie from Cheese Slave talking about it.)  When something important is going on in the blog – a giveaway, valuable offers, or a repost of an article that received a ton of comments, then you will know.)

The purpose of Lorrie’s newsletter . . . she gives small teaching moments.  And we all need someone speaking into our lives . . . especially a woman who has been there and is older than us. 


And right now, I’ll let Lorrie be that woman in my inbox. 

I also discovered in Lorrie’s newsletter she has another webChick Flicks For Mom Buttonsite called Chick Flicks for Moms.  Lorrie has filled this website with teachable moments through short video clips. 

Who knows . . . I might find my name in the Eternal Encouragement newsletter one day.  If you follow Lorrie on Facebook . . . she posts a wise comment and includes a reader’s response.  It could be you next! 

You can subscribe to Eternal Encouragement newsletter by heading on over to  You’ll see a simple little box to place your email address in to have some sunshine delivered to your computer.  Or iPad.  Or Droid.  Or whatever electronic object you carry around. 

Am I still encouraged?  Yes and no.  You see, I have to take my thoughts captive.  Currently my lasso has been stolen and is being use to suture Ezra’s Buzz Lightyear. 

I am reviewing Encouraging Moments as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program for Eternal Encouragement magazine.  I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Library, Gardening, Food, and an Explanation

You are due some sort of an explanation. 

You will have to keep reading to find out what the explanation is.

First I just have to tell you that I went to the library today.  Very dangerous.  I heart books.  So when I go to the library and am surrounded by free books to bring home . . . I bring them home. 

Not just a few.

A lot. 

They weren’t books for children either.


They were . . . gardening books.  After a vacation from my summer hobby, I *think* I am ready to dirty my hands in the soil.


This year I have so many possibilities.

With four years of gardening under my belt, I have been given the opportunity to start from scratch (again) with slightly questionable soil.

The field has been mowed and is hibernating under a dense pile of snow trodden leaves.  It is awaiting a deft hand to turn the microorganisms upside down and a layer of Mel’s mix (1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 compost) poured on top. 


I desire to employ the square foot gardening principals that have worked so well under my tutelage, but with a twist. 

Slow foods style.  I call it that because I saw a Slow Foods garden that I wish to copy. 

Meandering.  Whimsical.  Heirloom.  

The perfect place for a constitutional.  (Thanks, Renee.)

I’d really like to have someone come and design it for me, like William Alexander did in his book, The $64 Tomato, which I am reading right now.


However, one has to have time to drool, to plan, to organize unused seeds, to order new seeds . . .

Which brings me to what I need to explain.

I’ve been blogging a lot about food.  Nourishing food.  Fermented food.  Grain Free food. 

The reason is because if you already thought we were in deep with eating traditionally – you haven’t seen anything yet.  Whole foods eating, once uncovered, is like the rabbit hole.  Not only do you uncover an amazing world of taste, but also of health. 

I don’t know that I will be doing the whole liver thing, though.  Or brain.  Can’t go there. 

And this time, health (though taste has been a perk) is the reason we are getting out our shovel and digging deeper. 

There is some surmising that the Granola Family is suffering a bit from The Fall.  You know . . . the one in the garden.  Of course, we all have stumbled due to this fatal bite of fruit, thanks to two certain people which shall remain nameless (ahem . . . Adam and Eve). 

Some of us fell harder.

What I have come to realize is that sometimes NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO sometimes you can’t completely overcome the obstacles in your health without some outside intervention and strict attention to what you are ingesting and using externally.

Because I have had to make serious changes in certain family members diets . . . I have been doing a lot of research on food  and on food preparation.

I discovered that I need help.  I need one thing less to plan.

I signed up for the Nourishing Kitchen meal plans.  Three dinners a week are planned, providing plenty of leftovers for the remaining nights.  Included in each week’s packet are one ferment and one soup.  And because these meal plans are set according to the season . . . I am hopeful that I will be able to use the produce from my garden to supplement our grocery budget.  Hence the reason I was telling you about my garden.

I discovered that my thyroid needs healing. 

The particular thyroid disease that I have is triggered by an inflamed gut.  Though I have been eating relatively well the past 5 years, it hasn’t been well enough to heal my thyroid. 

Had I been living more of a SAD (Standard American Diet) the past 5 years, there is no telling what my health issues might be. 

This is where my love of fermentation has been encouraged.  Health begins in the gut.  A healthy gut is a happy gut.  Fermented foods, when eaten in reasonable amounts, act like a natural medicine.  For this reason, I am super–duper excited about Jenny’s Get Cultured e-course

By the way – you can still sign up.  Classes don’t begin until March 4th.  BUT on March 1st the price goes up to $199 (currently it is $149).

Then . . . the bomb got dropped on me.

A health professional strongly encouraged us to avoid all grains . . . unless properly prepared . . . and then only sparingly. 

I didn’t and I don’t have the time to research the GAPS diet.  So, I am relying on Cara, from Health, Home, and Happy, to guide us through this learning curve by subscribing to her menu plans for our breakfasts and lunches.  (By the way, it is rare for the Nourished Kitchen meals to contain grain.)

And so . . . my friends . . . that is why I have been talking about food . . .

A Lot.

There is your explanation.  A rather long one.

Monday, February 21, 2011

B.E.E. 90x Challenge: Always True Giveaway

Granola Mom 4 God

The espresso basket was tipped ever so precariously in the machine yesterday morning.  At first glance, the handle looked twisted correctly into place for the perfect brew. 

But it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, it was tilted.  The front of the basket was connected . . . but the rear dangled in midair exposing grounds . . . and eventually providing the channel for the overflow of liquid espresso.

gabes fall 005

Gritty puddles of hot espresso formed small ponds on the kitchen counter. 

A failed attempt. 

Rewind fifteen minutes.  I had asked the Hottie to make me a mocha (cocoa powder, raw honey, raw milk, and decaf espresso if you are wondering) with a voice filled with a yawn from a late night, fully knowing that he already had countless demands tugging at the elastic of his waist line.

I wanted his attention, too.  Thus, I asked for one of his amazing lattes.  There is just something about someone else making something for you. 

Christmas Vacation 327

Fast forward to post-coffee flood.  As I cleaned up the black mess, I felt the heat of guilt creep into my cranium.  The poor man . . . he was already busy with three boys anxious to consume the Hottie’s every waking moment with superhero play.  And each second that ticked by that lacked his undivided attention, it was as if it turned our children’s voices into howling coyotes. 

Like a good martyr, I said, “Don’t worry about it.  I’ll clean it up.”

Inside my head I was thinking, “I shouldn’t have asked anyway.  Like we have time.  We have to get to church.  But still . . . he could have argued with me.  He should have said something like, ‘No, no, Jodi.  I want to bless you.  I know how much you love me to make you a coffee.  It’s no bother.’

Instead, “Dadddyyyyyyyyyy, I’m still hungry.”

gabes fall 004

The mocha lay forgotten on the counter along with my heart.  Yes, I know I am being dramatic.  But this silly, stupid accident . . . .sent my selfish thoughts into a thick froth.  The kids voices sounded like the high shrill squeal of skim milk being steamed.

I wanted to snap.

Instead, Miss Naomi began crying . . . which was actually a welcome relief.  She is easy to appease.  Change her diaper, nurse her, cuddle.  Simple.  Easy. 


But as I sat in her room, I moped.  I sulked.  I brooded.

God, I’m sick of all this. 

  • I’m tired of being fat.
  • I’m tired of failing to memorize scripture.
  • I don’t want to yell anymore.
  • I’m tired of not taking a shower for days.
  • I’m tired of never working out.
  • I’m tired of wearing the same two outfits.
  • I’m tired of not having our school days planned in advance.
  • I’m tired of unfolded laundry lying around.
  • I hate how grouchy I am.
  • I’m tired of always feeling guilty.
  • I’m tired of always being negative.
  • I’m tired of all the things I keep failing to do. 

And then it hit me. 

I often think my problem is my children. 

But my list of “tired’s” wasn’t my children.  They all reflected myself.  Me. A certain me that didn’t include the Lord.

wedding 104

Saturday night, we attended the quarterly adult dinner hosted by my MIL and FIL.  As we sat around the painstakingly decorated and elegant table, each family member took turns asking a scripted question from The Conversation Cube.

This cube contained the types of questions that I always asked others . . . but that night I dreaded revealing the truth about my heart . . . my state of mind. 

A particular question was posed that has percolated through my thoughts ever since . . .

“What is your greatest accomplishment?”

I had a Bullwinkle moment.  “Dugh . . . jee . . . I don’t know.  Never.”

I know some of you might think I am being hard on myself. 

But I’m not.  A great accomplishment is something that happened as a result of the Lord.  Sure, I’ve given birth naturally 4 times, lived through a miscarriage, dealt with significant nursing issues, fought against PCOS and thyroid disease, climbed a 14,000 foot mountain, camped above tree-line, survived India transportation . . . but I desire an accomplishment that truly sustains itself for years to follow.

All I feel like these days is like a wind-up Cracker Jack toy.  I sputter around for 12 hours and then prematurely unwind before the day is through. 

However, my SIL (who is going to be featured soon for B.E.E. 90x) said that her recent weight loss was her biggest accomplishment. 

Folks . . . the gal lost over 90 pounds. 

90 pounds.

That is perseverance.  Anyone who has ever struggled with a significant weight problem understands the battle that my SIL fought.

In response, it was said to her that she had accomplished something H.U.G.E.  She had radically changed her habits. 

She made a life change.  Dying to her old patterns.  Refusing to stay the same.  Choosing something opposite of insanity. 

Like the sharp slap of steam being pushed through the frothing wand, I felt stirred. 

I have to change.  I don’t just want to.

I. Have. To. Change.

I can’t use my kids as an excuse anymore.  They are a blessing.  (Please tell strangers to stop saying that I have my hands full, because I am beginning to believe them.) 

I can’t use my lack of sleep.  I can’t use the dog ate my homework excuse (though Ruth does eat about anything and everything.)


If I want to be happy --  if I want to enjoy life – if I want to value my kids and have a good relationship with them – if I want to be the highlight of my husband’s day --  if I want to be a reflection of my amazing God --

I. Have. To. Change.

Time to get rid of the idols.   

Food.  Sleep.  The Blog.  Coffee.

What’s yours?


I. Have. To.  Change. 

It won’t be easy.  It won’t be quick.  But it must happen.

My inclination is to be silent.  I’ll do this under my own power. 

Look where that has gotten me thus far.

No where. 

I’m worse off now than when I started B.E.E. 90x.  Worse.

That’s dumb.  That’s pride.  That’s idolatry in my life.

On Sunday my pastor said, “Life that is wrapped up in itself is a very small package.”

Hmmm. . . .

“Pride is the only disease that makes everybody sick but yourself.”

I don’t want to be that girl.


I hate change. 

But I have to change.  Five little verses have given me a benchmark.  Five promises.  (Thank you James MacDonald for pointing these out.) I may paint them on our walls.  And though I am a believer in Jesus Christ . . . in some ways, I feel like I am taking baby steps all over again. 

025 (I know – she matches well.) 

I have to fortify.  I have to grab hold of some solid truth so that I don’t despair.  I don’t want to sink into the pit I know all to well.  I’ve been there three times and I don’t wish to return as much as my body may desire to dwell there. 

And I’m going to cling to these verses. 

I’m going to work through them. 

I’m going to apply them.  Mainly because James MacDonald said so in his book, and I figured he should know.  I don’t have the time to go searching right now.  I need a quick application.  One to put into practice now.  Like a drive thru Starbucks.  Give me the drive thru Bible application, Lord.

  1. It is the Lord who goes before you.  He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you.  Do not fear or be dismayed.  (Deuteronomy 31:8)
  2. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.  (Proverbs 3:5-6)
  3. And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)
  4. No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man.  God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.  (1 Corinthians 10:13)
  5. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn.  This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the Lord.  (Isaiah 54:17)

I need to start believing God.  I need to start clinging to Him again.  I’m swimming in my coffee grounds because I’m not spending time with Him. 

Instead, I should use the time it takes to make my coffee to drink in His Word of a morning . . . or afternoon. 

I’ve got to be ready.  Prepared.  To make changes, I’ve got to believe God.  He is always true


It’s a powerful book.  As you can see . . . it’s been shaping my thoughts.  I want to be like a firmly planted tree.  (Psalm 1) Impossible to be uprooted.  Impossible to kill.  Because I know that no matter what . . . God is Always True.

By the way, you can win this book.  I’ve got an extra one to send to you, thanks to the great people working with Moody Publishers and C. Grant Company

  • Leave me a comment. 
  • Tweet about it and leave me a comment. 
  • Put my blog button on your blog.
  • Become my fan on Google Connect.

Giveaway ends February 27, 2011. 

It’s a good book.  I’ll send it anywhere mail can go.  Yes, shipping is being paid by me.  But a second copy of the book was given to me.

How has your B.E.E. 90x been?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook Giveaway

If you have been enjoying my fermenting recipes . . . now you can enjoy them a little bit more.

You already know that I like the Nourished Kitchen

I like fermenting.  I want you to like it too.

In fact, I highly recommend enrolling in the Get Cultured e-course

But you already knew that. 

I first started learning about fermentation from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook. 


And though I think this cookbook rocks, I think that the Get Cultured e-course would be more like a quarry than a rock in your kitchen.

However, I would still like you to have the book. 

So . . . . twofold blog post. 

  • First, sign up for the Get Cultured e-course using the code sourpickles to receive $20 off!  This coupon is only valid until Monday.  (Classes start March 4th.)
  • Secondly, win a copy of Nourishing Traditions


Please, please, please . . .do not put more than one entry per comment. I will be using to pick the winners. Make sure you leave your email address in your comment.  All options are worth 1 entry.

(Mandatory) Read about The Nourished Kitchen e-course and tell me one thing that you would like to learn if you enrolled in it.

  1. Become one of my fans through Google Connect if you aren't already! (It’s over there on your right . . . see all of the little people?)
  2. Sign up to take The Nourished Kitchen e-course through my link and give yourself 10 entries.
  3. Tweet, blog, email some friends, or Facebook about the giveaway and then come back and leave me the link or a copy of your email.  Do this as often as you like.  Spread the good bacteria!
  4. Subscribe to my blog.

Remember, only #1 is mandatory. The rest of the entries are optional, but you MUST comment separately for each one.

The Fine Print: I will email you when you have won. You must respond within 48 hours.

Contest ends February 28, 2011 at Midnight

P.S.  This giveaway has nothing to do with The Nourished Kitchen . . . . Who knows?  I may send you my battered and loved recipe book or a new one. 

GOOT: Dinner For Your Foot

It’s got a funny name. 

But it will make your kids laugh.


Tell them you are baking dinner on their feet.  An Italian dinner.  A rich, garlic-filled, oily, Mediterranean dinner . . . on their feet.

Instead of savory smells wafting through the house, allow GOOT to simmer its way through their delicate skin to nourish that active and perhaps over stimulated immune system. 


As you stir the oil around their precious feet, watch them bubble with delight and . . . well . . . howl like a tea kettle at the silliness of mommy making dinner on their foot.

Like a Crockpot. 


GOOT.  What is it?  Someone posted a a recipe for on my old food co-op Yahoo group.  It’s a remedy.  It’s a salve.  It’s an ointment.  It’s homemade.  You can eat the ingredients.

I had to use it last night.

For him.  Not her.


He . . . my Mr. Smiley . . . wasn’t smiling.  He was coughing. 


It scared me.  I had to do something.  As usual . . . I resorted to the kitchen after a small nudge from the Lord saying, “Remember GOOT?”

Ahhh . . . yes, Lord.  Thank you, Lord.

GOOT.  A little garlic, a little olive oil, a little coconut oil.

It can be used for many things . . . here is what my notes say,

This multipurpose homemade ointment can be used on insect bites, Athlete’s Foot, sores inside the mouth, ear infections, Candida, parasites, bacteria and viruses.  When GOOT is rubbed into the skin, the raw garlic oil is transferred directly into the blood stream.

How did I use it last night?


I lathered GOOT all over Gabe’s feet and sealed it in with a pair of OLD socks.  Likewise, I massaged it into Gabe’s chest, since that is where the coughing resided.  His lungs.  His gasping lungs.  And allowed an old shirt to absorb the remaining oil that couldn’t possibly stay solid on his feverish body. 

I’m not saying GOOT is perfect.  I’m not saying it will cure your child’s cough.  All I’m saying is that it helped Gabe's.

His cough significantly dissipated.

He could sleep.  Peacefully.



  • 3 tablespoons chopped garlic
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil



  • Peel garlic and chop finely if you are mixing by hand or with an immersion blender.  Since I used my Vitamix, I left the garlic cloves whole.


  • Blend garlic, olive oil, and coconut into a paste.


  • Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.  Apply when necessary on aforementioned ailments.  You can still use your GOOT after two weeks, it just won’t be as potent.

Remember . . . this recipe is not a medical opinion or advice from a medical practitioner.  I simply have used this recipe and it has been effective in our household.

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Elementary Round Up

Granola Mom 4 God

Sigh.  I’m late.  A week late. 

But we’ve had sickness.  And more sickness.  I’m not sure why, or how, or where it came from. 

It was surprising.  That is for sure. 

We’ve done school, but in odd places.

Mostly, we’ve figuratively traveled to China.  And had a blast.  Complete with a tea party. 

I’d love to share more.

However, it is a nice day and my first grader is playing outside.  His delightful sounds are beckoning me to join him.

And so I must.

What did you do these past 3 weeks since our last link up?

Well . . . I was going to provide a link for you . . . but Mr. Linky says I didn’t pay for it . . . but I did.

Soooooooooooooo  . . . . leave your link in the comments.  Thanks!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Must Have Refrigerator Item: Apricot Butter

There is something intensely gratifying about fermenting food

It’s a habit for me.  A healthy addiction, you might say. 

One day . . . I went a little wild.  I wanted to grow as many organisms as I could.  And I did.


See that Mason Jar with the brown stuff in it?  It’s good.  It’s good for you.  And by fermenting this certain little brown dried fruit you . . . . um . . .  don’t get the “toots.” (Not that I ever “toot.”)

Was that TMI?

Ready for this fermented must-have?

Probiotic Apricot Butter

(compliments of the Nourished Kitchen)


  • 2 cups dried unsulphured apricots
  • 1/2 tsp unrefined sea salt
  • 3 tbsps fresh whey, divided
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp powdered ginger


  • Cover apricots in hot water and jealously watch them soak in that luxurious hot bath (can you tell what I would like to do with a good book?)


  • Drain and process in a Vitamix or other food processor with sea salt and two tablespoons fresh whey until smooth.


  • I know . . . it looks concerning.  But trust me – it’s good for your gut!  Kids will want to dive into these formerly bathing beauties!


  • Transfer creamy apricots into the confining Mason Jar and cover with remaining whey.


  • Allow said contents to nap for two days (lucky) covered, while you busily live life around resting apricots. 


  • When it’s time to wake the apricots up, slide them back into the Vitamix along with honey, cinnamon, and ginger.


  • Process until smooth.  Spoon into a clean Mason Jar and place this tasty concoction in your fridge.  It will be good for 6-8 weeks.


Recently, we finished our probiotic apricot butter by lathering it on some sprouted Holy Homemade Crackers


Divine.  Seriously.  God knew what He was doing when He gave someone the inspiration to start fermenting foods.  And I’m thankful how simple recipes like this are improving my resistance to infection (slowly but surely). 

If you have been enjoying my fermenting recipes . . . you can thank Jenny over at the Nourished Kitchen.  If you really want to start fermenting foods in your kitchen, then I highly recommend enrolling in the Get Cultured e-course.  Use the code sourpickles to receive $20 off!  Classes start March 4th.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


She stares up at me with those deep, twinkling blue eyes.


I hold her in my left arm while my right arm wills itself to hold the mask up to her face.


She grabs it like it’s a microphone.

And she sings.

And she laughs.

And she bats those long eyelashes.  The same eyelashes her daddy has.


While she sings, moist air flows into her lungs . . . prying them open like a crowbar.  Opening her chest with the same motion I slide her pink gingham curtains each morning. 

The whole family joins in the concert. . . brothers dance a jig to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.


Every toy becomes a music instrument.

The nebulizer our base. 

We exist to entertain her.  To will her lungs to clear up.  To beat her temperature down with our Melissa and Doug hammer.

Because we love her.


Now that the scare is over . . . I can tell you. I can process.  I can write. 

I met pneumonia.  And I don’t like it.  Especially when it preys on my children.