Saturday, February 26, 2011

Things Are Coming to a Close

The deadline is almost here. 

Two free books.  And one symbiotic culture (water kefir grains).

  • Always True by James MacDonald . . . . This isn’t just a good book.  It’s a GREAT book.

Hardly any of my IRL friends have entered.  Does anyone read my blog anymore? 

Let’s see, leave a comment telling me what is stopping you from make all the changes in your life that you need to make to be healthier

I will randomly choose someone to send some homemade granola to.  Are you listening?  Enter all three giveaways, give yourself three entries (comments).  Tweet about it and give yourself another entry.


400+ of you receive my blog posts in your email.  Are they going to no-man’s land?  Another handful of you read me on Facebook.  The other handful pick and choose what you will read of mine on your Google reader . . . . and the last bit find me on Twitter.  Which are you?  Tell me by leaving a comment for another chance to win my granola

Back to the giveaway recap:

  • Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon . . . . seriously if you follow my blog . . . you know a lot of my recipes come from here.  You could even email me . . . requesting me to write a tutorial on a certain recipe.  On this particular giveaway you receive bonus entries if you sign up for the Get Cultured e-course.

Speaking of which, there is a bonus lesson being offered.  Bonus.  Free extra lesson.  Yup.  Sign up for the Get Cultured e-course through this BONUS link.  You’ll receive 2 VIDEO TUTORIALS, 2 RECIPES, 2 PRINT TUTORIALS, and 2 FAQ SHEETS.

Here is a bit of subliminal advertising.  Play the following video (in your bedroom) over and over all night long while you sleep.  Then, in the morning . . . sign up for the Get Cultured e-course.  (You can give yourself another entry for the Nourishing Traditions giveaway if you watch the below video.)

Remember, set your calendar to have some school in your pajamas on March 4th, 2011 with the Get Cultured:  Learn How to Ferment Anything (shoelaces?  twinkies?).

The price goes up on March 1st, 2011. 

All I am asking you to do is pray about it.  Discuss the course with your spouse or your parents or your dog before you purchase. 

I wouldn’t be nagging you . . . OK harping at you . . . if I didn’t think that fermentation was important. 

It’s just that I think it is important.  I so wish I had had the Get Cultured e-course at my fingertips when I entered the whole foods/traditional eating/fermenting lifestyle.  Life – would --  have --  been – easier. 

I’m done with my speel. 

Have a great rest of the weekend.  Stay tuned for some questions.  Questions that my IRL (in real life) friends DREAD me asking.  They are coming your way. 

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