Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guidecraft Cubes and Cylinders

Guidecraft giveaway

For some reason I have a silly advertising jingle in my head . . .

“What would you do-oo with a klondike bar?!”

But I’ve changed it to, “What would you do-oo with some cubes and cylinders?!”

There are lots of things to do with the latest wooden toy we have been playing with from Guidecraft. 

These were wooden toys that were enjoyed by three very different little boys. 

I initially let them explore – especially Mr. Smiley, who particularly needs that kind of play to understand how his world works.


He had fun stacking the cylinders.


But he became a little baffled as to why they didn’t always stack easily.


I can’t tell you why . . . but it was much easier for him to organize the cubes.


And stack them.


Kind of.


Like any toddler he liked to fill the cubes,


. . . dump them, and try to fit other things inside of the cubes. 


Who wouldn’t?  I love tiny boxes!


So,  “What would you do-oo with some cubes and cylinders?!”

My ideas for these colorful, wood, non-toxic toys . . . .

  • nesting
  • stacking
  • color sorting
  • see how many beans or other object can fit inside each cube or cylinder
  • have your child trace each cube or cylinder and then cut out and color them
  • hide objects underneath them for your Toddler to discover
  • have your child practice putting popsicle sticks inside each cube or cylinder (Starbucks no-spill sticks also work!) while you count
  • use the cubes and cylinders to learn colors

And the best part?  Go win these great wooden toys over at Thanks, Mail Carrier, who is hosting a giveaway thanks to Guidecraft!  If you don’t win, you can purchase these fabulous wooden toys from the Guidecraft website for $20 or at Amazon for slightly cheaper. 

As a Guidecraft Mom blogger, this product was given to me for review purposes. I do not have to return the product to the vendor and I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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