Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Alternative to Nutella

You all know that I'm motivated.  I want to survive 4 days of vigorous skiing after a 7 year sabbatical.  And Wii Winter Sports won't cut it to prepare this middle-aged body. 

I've committed 90+ days to getting in shape with Tony Horton as my personal trainer.  Does he remind anyone else of Michael from The Office?

Even my kids are doing P90X with me. 

I'm not blogging nearly as much just so that I can work out.

To say that I have made an investment in my health for my family is a little bit of an understatement. I am passionate about P90X because it is the FIRST workout that I have really enjoyed . . . to say it is fun might be pushing it . . . but maybe one day P90X will be a fun date night (my husband can only hope and pray). 

But I felt like someone was trying to sabotage me last night.  It made me mad. 

Tuesday night is a special night for this woman.  I get motivated by a certain reality show. 

The Biggest Loser.

I watch.  I listen.  I learn.  I want Bob to train me.  I want to go to The Biggest Loser Ranch. 

It was a perfect night until . . . a certain commercial came on.

The Hottie Hubby sat down to watch The Biggest Loser with me.  He had a bowl of granola. I resisted though I desperately--so badly desired--to have a yummy bowl of homemade granola with carob chips and sprouted almonds swimming in the cream of raw milk. 

But no. I have a goal.  He is already at his goal.  He has to eat an obscene amount of calories just to keep weight on due to how much his body burns to maintain his svelte body (I'm his wife . . . I can say that). 

And then . . . NBC smeared obscenities in the form of Nutella all over the screen.  A completely unrealistic household was pictured with a showered, dressed and rested mother, clean kitchen countertops, and children who are able to eat without leaving food for later on their mouth and fingers. 

Let me show you:

Nutella was smart.  Very smart.  Desperate people are watching The Biggest Loser and Nutella chose the perfect time to advertise.  People who need help watch this show . . . this potential lifeline.  Hope.  They need ideas to change their eating habits.  They need simplicity. 

Enter Nutella . . . Start Your Day With Nutella.

What?  You are telling us fat people to start our day with Nutella?  Don't get me started.  Do you know what the FIRST ingredient is? 


Do you know that the ingredients are listed in order of AMOUNT? 

Start your day with sugar. 

Well, a good advertising firm can spin anything.  Nutella has hazlenuts and skim milk.  Wow.  Let me give you one word.  Processed.  Void of nutrients.  Oh, but on Nutella's website you can "build your own breakfast."  What do they show . . . a very SAD (standard American diet) display of food . . . juice, pop tarts, cereal, toast.  Yea, if you compare Nutella to these items . . . it actually looks somewhat nutritional.

But it's not.  Nutella should be a treat.  Better yet.  Abstain.

Try this instead . . . it is what we do.  Introducing . . .

"Not"ella (thanks Renee)

Big glob of natural organic smooth peanut butter (maybe 1/4 cup?)

1 tbls cocoa powder (not hot chocolate mix)
1 tbls raw honey or maple syrup
1 tbls coconut oil

Mix with a spoon or some blunt object.  Add 1 tbls of coconut milk or whole (preferably raw) milk until desired consistency.  I like it to be fudgy--so I use less liquid.  Voila. (You could even add flax seed.)


Blend 1-2 chilled avocados, 1 tbls (or less) of maple syrup, and approximately 1 tbls of cocoa.  Enjoy!


Using a blender, mix cottage cheese, peanut butter, cocoa, and honey!  Tastes good on a rice cake. 


grace said...

hee hee. funny post!

all the alternatives sound delish.
....however, there will always be a place in my heart--and thighs--for nutella.

Hi! My name is Janet. said...

haha. i can tell they really got to you, but the recipe you posted looks super yummy! Keep up the hard work with exercising! you can do it!!

M at Hidden Valley Simplicity said...

awesome! I'm gonna link to this, this coming Saturday in my Saturday Around the blogosphere post!

Heather said...

Hey! I love this post. I saw this ad and I was really wondering if I had...misunderstood nutella--and was making my kids miss out on a healthy,yummy morning. I'm glad you posted:) Now..I need to figure out how to try yours!

Prasti said...

lol! talk about timing, eh? and i agree, that ad does not represent a realistic home. who has a kitchen that sparkling clean and kids that eat chocolate spread without getting chocolate mustaches?? however, i LOVE nutella, though it is a treat for us to have it (brings back some childhood memories for me as well). i would like to try the nutella alternative though. sounds yummy, especially with that honey!

melanie said...

I'll be the weird one to say that I don't LIKE Nutella (thankfully!)

Dark chocolate and raw almonds on the other hand...

But yes, marketing is all about selling something to someone who does NOT need it.


ps. I beg your pardon for calling the carob chips in the granola chocolate ;-) I shoulda thunk.

ally said...

So glad you are enjoying P90X! Tony Horton can be quite entertaining. Loved the comments about the Nutella commercial - showered for me happened at 11:30 pm last night! ha ha

Conny said...

oh the irony ... I just scraped out the last of my nutella jar with a knife tonight & ate it on white bread (you know, the kind of bread that turns to paste in your intestines & clogs you all up)...
Now I feel bad. LOL Seriously, I totally agree w/ you - Nutella should be a TREAT (I couldn't abstain though). Thanks for the alternative ideas.

The Seats said...

Wow! thanks for sharing the recipes. they sound yummy and I'm gonna start trying them.

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I have still never had Nutella.

Michelle said...

ha ha ha, now I get the Nutella comment. I soo agree! I am so trying the first recipe when my co-op order comes in (I am out of coconut oil) and we are on day 14 of no sugar/no white flour and I miss chocolate! I think that will be a big hit. I wasn't brave enough to try the chocolate avocado in Nutrition 101, but I may have to. Hey, keep the alternatives coming!

Melissa: Mother to 3 Little Sprouts said...

I am right there with you! I love your ideas! We are also doing the P90X and love it! I have never tried nutella, but chocolate didn't seem like anything I would eat for breakfast!-unless I am preggers:)

kathy from Stewards Steno said...

Love the alternatives. We have to try these because our family loves Nutella