Thursday, January 28, 2010

Storing Pineapple

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To encourage your pineapple to become sweet after holding her green hair up for a stint, give your pineapple a hair cut.  Twist off the green leaves and turn your pineapple upside down.  The idea is that this encourages the juice that settled to the bottom of the pineapple during shipping to distribute itself throughout the entire pineapple before you gobble it down.  (Note:  I did not give my pineapple a much needed haircut.  I didn’t think about it when I took the picture.)

Additionally, I have been told that you pineapple will store longer. 

The truth?  I do think that our pineapples have tasted better since changing their orientation.  But do they last any longer . . . I haven’t noticed.

Enjoy God’s sweet candy!

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