Tuesday, January 12, 2010

MathScore ~ A Review


We aren’t ready for this.  It was stressful.  But don’t let our experience deter you.  He’s 5.  Wow.  Mr. Smackdown is 5.  He’s growing up.


And MathScore is for 1st Grade and up (all the way to Algebra 1!). 


Here is why it didn’t work for us.

We went from counting ones . . .

january snow 105

to counting by tens . . .

january snow 106 

And he was so excited to play a computer game.  But sadly I didn’t have the time to sit down with him and do the optional mini-lesson provided and then help him count. 

I know that I am his teacher.  BUT.  I am also a mom to two other children.  I had dinner to make.  It was REALLY time consuming to work with him because he isn’t there yet.  And that is OK.  I have no doubt that one day the concepts MathScore teaches and tests will be something my little guy will be able to do . . . but he is 5 right now.  And I’m not going to pressure him.

There is potential, though.  I am not going to discount this online resource for our future.  The MathScore website mentions that it pairs well with Saxon Math, which is what Mr. Smackdown uses . . . when we have extra time.  

So in a year or two . . . I will probably experiment on Mr. Smackdown with the FREE TRIAL and see if he is ready to master MathScore.

BUT don’t let my experience cloud your interaction with this useful learning tool.  As a math website and a learning supplement for homeschoolers, or even a child who attends school outside of the home, MathScore provides a very VALUABLE resource for those who need extra practice or desire to learn beyond their classroom.

Let me tell you a little bit about MathScore.

  • provides online math practice and assessment for students between 1st grade and Algebra I
  • randomly generates math problems that automatically adapt difficulty based on performance
  • supplements a child's education by making the math practice portion very efficient
  • automatic grading saves the parent time
  • every math topic comes with a mini lesson
  • can be used as a complete curriculum.

I really appreciate what founder and CEO, Steven Yang, has to say about MathScore:

It is a challenge in educational software design to find a balance between genuine learning and motivational fun. One of the reasons why I designed MathScore was because I felt that too much educational software was fun but very light on meaningful learning. I hope you agree that we've achieved a good balance!

I would encourage you to try the free trial of MathScore to see how your child fares with MathScore.  If you don’t want to try the trial . . . watch a demo. 

Should you decide to purchase a subscription to MathScore . . . here is a little snapshot of your costs:

Fullscreen capture 1122010 21315 PM

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As a member of the Homeschool Crew, I was given access to this product for 2 weeks to review (but was generously offered a longer duration).  I was not paid for this post. All opinions expressed in this post are delightfully mine.


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