Friday, January 29, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Book: George Muller

If You Give A Mom A Book

When I went to the Hearts at Home conference (you gotta go if you are a Mom!), I listened to an amazing homeschooling mom -- Rachel Carmen -- (whose family owns Apologia now) talk about reading to your children. 

She talked about the importance of making the world larger to our children through GOOD books.  You use books to teach them about good and bad choices, consequences, and how to have a Christian Worldview.  Good books stimulate conversation, giggles, bonding, and sometimes tears . . . or even working through a fear that was unearthed through your reading. 

Rachel Carmen is largely the reason I do this weekly meme, If You Give a Mom a Book.  Sustainable books are so important to a child's education. 

One thing many people think lacks in our world today are good role models. 

Yes and no.

I think that there are role models.  They may not be alive.  Or they may not be famous.  But we still have some heroes.  They could be a neighbor.  Or a Mom.  Or a Dad.

In fact the most important heroes and mentors are waiting for us each time that we open our Bible.

And if you want more heroes to emulate . . . here is one for you.

George Mueller: Faith to Feed Ten Thousand (Heroes for Young Readers)

Mr. Smiley got the entire set of Heroes for Young Readers from YWAM Publishing for Christmas.  I think the series has something like 20+ books. 

Heroes of History for Young Readers Gift Set (1-4) (Displays and Gifts)

I try and read a story to the boys from this series several times a week.  They need to know about far away places, ways to serve the Lord by using their gifts, and vicariously experience God answering prayer and accomplishing miracles.  This intimate and precious story time typically occurs on our brown love-seat, in the afternoon, after rest times. 

What did you read this week? 

If you don't know what a Sustaining Book is check out my first blog post on this topic, If You Give a Mom a Book.

Some things that you could discuss in your blog post would be:
  • What is one book that stood out to you this week?
  • What was the title of the book, and who were the author(s) and illustrator(s)?
  • What conversations did it spark between you and your child?
  • Did the book come up randomly in conversation at some point causing your child to create an application on their own?
  • Set the scene—where did you sit?
  • Did you have anything yummy to eat or drink while reading?
  • Was music playing?
  • How did reading together help your day?
  • What was the story about?
  • Did you like the illustrations?
  • What was your favorite part about snuggling?
  • Why was your book a Sustaining Book?
  • Link up 1x a week. My goal is to post every Friday.
  • Pick one book—your favorite book from that week.
  • Use any one of the suggestions I listed above to include in your post.
  • Grab my button on the sidebar to compliment your blog post.
  • Enter the exact blog post address in Mr. MckLinky!
  • Leave me a comment that you linked up!
I can’t wait to read about your Sustaining Book!
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