Monday, January 18, 2010

Tot School

(Mr. Me-Too is 43 months old.)

January 14 032

Tot Trays

I forget where we got these amazing chopsticks, maybe PF Chang’s, but they are perfect for Chinese food and extracting pompom balls from beans (thanks to my sister, Michelle).

January 14 001

January 14 002

By the way, the hat on Mr. Me-Too was a permanent fixture that day.  I am not sure why, other than the fact that I love wearing my skullcap. 

January 14 009 January 14 011  January 14 013

Inspired by someone’s blog (I’m so sorry . . . I don’t remember which blog because I went through the whole Tot School list last week—I left you a comment), I cut out mittens, numbered them from 1-10, and placed the correct number of dots on the back of the mitten.  Mr. Me-Too had to place them in numerical order and then flip the mitten over and place the correct number of dots on the backside of the mitten.

January 14 016

We had fun printing an entire ABC booklet to use our Do-A-Dot’s with which you can find at Making Learning Fun.

We received some packing peanuts the mail when my Bed Buddy Foot and Hand Warmers arrived.  So the boys obtained some “swords” (kabob skewers) and gently stabbed the skewer through the packing peanut.  Once the kabob was full, they slid the peanuts off into the vase.  Once the vase was full, they completed the task.  (This does require supervisionWe had one sword fight that wasn’t pretty—but no blood.)

January 14 041  January 14 046

January 14 068 

I don’t have real good pictures of our next activity.  We have 100 bouncy balls from Oriental Trading.  The boys had to load a large spoon up with balls, carefully climb the stairs without dropping the balls, dump them in a container at the top of the stairs, and then come back down to repeat the process.  (It got rid of some restless energy!)

January 14 029

January 14 036

January 14 027

At the suggestion of Confessions of a Homeschooler, I purchased some VERY large push pins (and yes this is another activity that needs a little bit of supervision.)  I hand printed (you can use a computer) several letters of the alphabet and Mr. Me-Too used a push pin to poke holes into each letter. 

January 15 010

The boys were so curious.  Why on earth did I have a pair of shoes on a Tot Tray?  Can you guess?

Their task was to find as many shoes as they could and dump them into a pile.  It was a bit eye opening to me—I didn’t realize how many shoes we had.  And I will have you know that Granola Mom had the LEAST pairs of shoes!!!

Rosey-posey 007 

Then, they had to match the pairs of shoes because I mixed them all up.  (Rosey-Posey was over for the morning and helped us.)

Rosey-posey 011

After finding a match they created a parade of shoes.

Rosey-posey 012

Finally, they walked in another person’s shoes!

Rosey-posey 018

I created patterns with unifix cubes and they had to mimic the pattern.  Afterwards, they started making each other patterns.

Rosey-posey 025

Mr. Me-Too and Rosey-Posey played a snowflake matching game from Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Rosey-posey 028 Life

It is possible for 3 young children to have a Quiet Time in one room and stay reasonably quiet.  Yahoo!

Rosey-posey 004

Can you tell that I loved having a little girl around the house?  Rosey joined us for yummy snacks.  I am working my way through a Sue Gregg cookbook and came across her yummy homemade Cheese-its.  Rose liked it until Mr. Smackdown started complaining.  And Mr. Me-Too loved them . . . well, until Big Brother started moaning. 

Rosey-posey 019

The boys also enjoyed working out with me this past week.

January 14 073

They also had their fare share of play time!

January 14 020

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