Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wishbone Giveaway with a Tropical Traditions Twist

OK . . . I was going to start a giveaway today. Actually TWO giveaways.

But a promise is a promise. I committed to 90 days.

I choose to go do my P90X Workout. I don't have to do it. I am willingly exhausting my body.

If the Hotty can bike to work on a day where it is snowing, I can work out in the comforts of my warm home.

Sarah also gave me a pep talk. You see, I am in THE TRUCK DAYS. The days where you wake up feeling like a semi ran over you in the middle of the night. But one day soon, I will be in the truck instead of allowing it to drive over me. That will be a sweet day.

UPDATE: I just completed said P90X Workout. I liked it. If I can do this, so can you. I almost said to myself,

"Self, you are in jeans. You actually took a shower and got dressed today. You still have to go to co-op to get your food. You can't change your clothes and get sweaty. Plus, all of your workout clothes are in your room, and you have a sleeping Mr. Smackdown in there."

Then the logical self interjected,
"Ahh, but you didn't unpack your suitcase from this weekend. You can workout in your pink pajama pants."

"OK. You got me logical self," said emotional lazy self.


Kristen McG said...

way to go!! :) The benefits of working out at home... =) Keep up the good work!

Julie said...

woohoo! i'm sure you looked quite cute in your pink pajama pants!

Sarah said...

way to talk yourself into working out!!!

and coconut peanut butter!! YUM! I've been wanting to try this!

and I saw they have Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter! WOW! YUMMMMMY!

Conny said...

Way to motivate yourself :) No doubt looking quite adorable in the pink pjs!! :)
I think I am in TRUCK DAYS too ... except not only do I feel like I"ve been hit by a semi, I also LOOK like I am a truck ... LOL

3boysmom said...

AWESOME, Jodi!! The worst part of working out is getting started, give it about 2 weeks and you will be hooked and NEED to workout in order to have a normal day. DH gets frustrated w/ me when I don't get my run in b/c I get cranky...

Sarah, did you have to mention the Dark choc. PB from TT??? I am drooling now...

The Seats said...

I'm so proud of your efforts, I'm praying for you to continue to find the motivation to care through with your commitment. Your efforts will be rewarded, soon you'll find increased energy.

Mamma James said...

I admire your efforts! I wouldn't have done it, but you are committed and staying accountable! It will ALL be worth it in the end!!!