Friday, December 11, 2009

Peanut Butter Bird Feeders from HiMamma!

The countdown until Christmas. Kids love it. Some adults stress over it. I get giddy.

My sister, who owns Hi Mamma!, made these origami hanging envelopes for the boys to assist us in our mounting eagerness to celebrate Jesus' birthday party.

Several envelopes have been opened . . . another one tomorrow. Until they are all gone.

Each envelope contains an special activity and I included a Bible verse that relates to our Savior's birth.

Today's activity: peanut butter bird feeder, in case you couldn't tell.

Can you find the 2nd feeder in the picture?


Sarah said...

aww! what fun! brings back good memories of making these myself! ...and no I can't find the 2nd feeder??? is that a trick?

The Shu's said...

That looks like fun and a big mess! The second feeder is on the left side almost in the middle of the picture of the black and white. That is a pretty good trick. :)

Michelle Vackar (Hi Mamma) said...

I am glad that the boys had fun with making the bird feeders. We made our yesterday, what a mess we had but loved every minute of it.

Michelle said...

That's funny, we made peanut butter bird feeders yesterday. :-)