Friday, December 11, 2009

Bring IT On . . . P90X

IT arrived.

It looks like JUST a box.

But IT is more than that.

Do you like where I put my name?

Bring it on, P90X workout.


I gotta read the manual first.


Sarah said...


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Show that workout who's boss!

Anonymous said...

I totally did this program...for like 3 weeks. Then I ended up in the ER with a torn abdominal do not be like me and push the yourself up to the trainers in the video...Lesson to self: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AS HARDCORE AS THEM ON DAY ONE.

Have Fun, its super intense...I was soo sore and in pain, every part of my body...and I was in relative good shape to begin with. But you are are going to rock this thing harder than a norwegian metal band.. ;)

Mamma James said...

Get ready Monday is almost here! :) I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!