Saturday, December 5, 2009

Willow Visits the Nutcracker

I was reminded of ketchup and my boys experienced theater for the first time.

It was magical.

Our homeschool group that we belong to but never go to went on field trip. We saw the Nutcracker.

Did you know that the first time I ever saw the Nutcracker was in college? That is why I was reminded of ketchup. A girl who lived on my floor in Teter Hall at Indiana University (IU) was in the Nutcracker. Her roomate ate ketchup by the spoonful. She would always have a bowl of ketchup with her meal.


There have been many discussions recently about the people who are living in our TV. How else would we see them on the screen if they didn't live in that tiny box. Their food is supplied by the cord that connects to the wall. So they must be small people living there. Right?

But what about the people we read about in books? They must live at the theater! And we saw them. So it is a fact that books are pictures of what is going on in a big room filled with chairs. I always wondered.

That must be why the experience felt like magic as one little boy snuggled on my lap without moving for over an hour and another little boy kept gazing up at me telling me that he loved me so much. We were lured in by the loud music and dancers who effortlessly flew across the stage.

Good picture.

Better picture.

Though both photographs have been edited in Picasa to accentuate the colors on this dancer's dress, the above snapshot was taken in raw. As a result, I was able to significantly tweak this photo and still retain a clear picture, while the first picture that was saved as a jpg file became grainy with each change I imposed on the photograph.

And while I am at it, let me make a plug for Roberts Imaging Camera Shop. I've been meaning to do this since May. My parents purchased sweet, dependable, and useful Willow 2 from this great LOCAL camera shop. Not only did they let us know that Willow 1 had been recalled, but they extracted all of our great zoo pictures from my first Tot School post (ahem . . . that I never posted) from a possessed memory card, and ordered our replacement camera, Willow 2, back in August. Then, when my dad purchased a camera (named Adelaide) for my sister, he gave my dad a deal on Willow's extended nose (a zoom lens), which has brought you today's Nutcracker pictures!

I want to repeat this memory ever year.

I wonder if Mr. Me-Too will sit on my lap when he is 16?

I hope so.


Sarah said...

first of all.... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW that random ketchup bit... DISGUSTING!!!!!!!! haha -but I'm the opposite and can only tolerate ketchup in tiny quantities or hidden in a recipe.

but GREAT pictures! sounds like it was a blast! makes me want to go see it... I'm past college age and STILL haven't! I think I saw a movie of it in elementary school.

3boysmom said...

I have to agree with Sarah about the ketchup....GROSS!! Jodi, your photography has come such a long way, it is beautiful!!

Prasti said...

fabulous shots! i love the nutcracker (i was in fact just dancing with the sugar plum fairy the other day :) ). was it a dance studio or a company that organized the production? the costumes are beautiful.

Mamma James said...

This looks like it was really fun! We were able to go, but not that I can see the pictures we will be looking for the opportunity next year! I hope our group does it again so we can seize the day!!! The pictures are amazing...Denae was dreaming about them and sharing ALL her thoughts with me as we scrolled through.