Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tot School Summary

Tot School

It’s been bothering me.  My pictures don’t have tags and aren’t in any particular electrical logic.  The way I keep the hard drive organized is by writing my Tot School post . . . one of the main reasons why we have so many pictures. 

I think this is about three weeks worth of random Tot School events.
Pictured below:
  • Tot Trays
  • picking up rubber balls with tongs and placing them in a bucket
  • putting pompom balls through a small hole
  • creating a collage with Nativity scene stickers

The boys used window crayons and created a Christmas decorated window that remains to this day . . .

December 027

I love ticket stubs!  Find motor skills are challenged by accordion folding the ticket stubs, tearing them off, and placing them through a small hole.

December 015

Pictured below:
  • making play dough with Jacqueline
  • reading books with Mama
  • sorting chenille wires by color

I have a few choice thoughts on making gingerbread houses.  For starters, my friend Nicole usually puts them together.  I think that if for some bizarre reason the Hottie Hubby ever needed to punish me . . . then having me put a miniature gingerbread house together would be an appropriate discipline for me.  Mr. Me-Too had the most success with this unfortunate Tot School event.  Eventually, Bulldozer Mr. Smackdown demolished all of my hard work.  Who says you have to create gingerbread houses with gingerbread house pre-cut pieces?

And many of you knew that we went to the Nutcracker.

nutcracker 016

A trip to Chicago occurred last weekend for the Hottie Hubby’s office party.   We saw my precious college roommate and her family!  It also involved a hotel stay.  And we wouldn’t have jumped on the beds!  Not us.  We have never done that before! And I most certainly have never blogged about adults jumping on the bed in honor of their children.

We had a painting accident.

lots of December stuff 027

But the outcome was some really neat Christmas trees (inspired by The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman).

God blessed us with snow.  This is the first year Mr. Me-Too has really been old enough to seriously enjoy this miraculous white creation.

Let it snow 036

Mama has come over . . . well, she does every Wednesday.  We had our habitual coffee party. 

hartman december 008

Mr. Smiley is greatly enjoying his involvement with his big brothers and his new found love of Starbucks cups.  I imagine he will be showing up more in our Tot School posts.

hartman december 013

We painted wreaths (inspired by Our-Crafts-N-Things).

hartman december 016

We fed the birds.  We have only seen one bird.  I think the peanut butter is frozen or they are used to Jiff peanut butter.  Yes, I even gave the BIRDS natural AND organic peanut butter.

december 11 004

We made a Merry Christmas lapbook. Click here if you missed it!

hartman december 024

We were inspired to draw.  I really want to win a giveaway that Jolanthe over at Homeschool Creations is hosting.  So in order to earn an extra entry, we drew a cartoon face with the given facial features found on the Pick and Draw website. 

hanukkah 011

Fuzzy snowmen.  Lots of glue. 

hanukkah 014

hanukkah 018

And if you read this Hottie Hubby . . . stop and close the screen. 

Mr. Me-Too snuggled with Mussie on the couch.

lots of December stuff 037

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Sarah said...

great post! I'm so excited to get on a regular schedule for tot school! trays will be my first purchase after new years! I think we have more tot tray ideas than I originally thought! thanks for the inspiration!

Rebecca said...

Your humor makes me smile :) And i love everything you did! Especially those fuzzy snowmen.