Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Airplane in My Kitchen

If I closed my eyes, I might think that I was sitting on an airplane.

Minus the ears popping,
and the earwax smell of the air,
and having cramped legs. . .
oh, and the bumpy ride.

Other than that, I think my home sounds like an airplane.

I'm dehydrated.

I mean I'm dehydrating.

I can't keep up with our apples and pears from our co-op. I don't eat either . . . and like mother like children. What can I say?

Rather than buy expensive dried fruit, I'm sucking the very juice out of God's bounty.

The process is making our house smell good.

Why didn't I think of this sooner? That old compost pile will no longer be fed old apples.

Here is what my dehydrator looks like . . . well, my mom's dehydrator that is on a semi-permanent loan to my house. But it didn't' cost as much as what I am showing you.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what co-op do you order through? Im in Muncie and still can't find one...and if its a once a month pick up deal I wouldn't mind driving to Indy. Thanks!

Julie said...

I sooo want one of those! I need to keep an eye out. or maybe Santa will bring me one? i doubt it.

Mamma James said...

Very cool...I have always wanted to be able to dehydrate things. Austin was just telling me we should do that because I did buy some expensive dehydrated fruit and he wanted to do it ourselves. :) What will you do with the dehydrated goods if you don't eat them?

Annie said...

What a fun way to talk about dehydrating food!
My husband used to have a dehydrater when he was a bachelor but he left the fruit on it too long....talk about leather bananas! WHOOPS! LOL
I love dried apples though, great idea!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

All that fruit looks delicious. I have been thinking about getting a dehydrator but I am not sure how often I will get the chance to use it.

Kristen McG said...

looks delicious! yum!