Thursday, December 10, 2009

God is Good

This is my new hat. I wore it on my way to my midwife visit yesterday and before I got a haircut. My Hottie Hubby gave it to me on our Christmas date.

It looks better in person.

I woke up to an outpouring of love today complete with a full in-box. . . from so many of you. You shared your stories. You told me of your prayers. You stressed your support. I don't feel so alone on this journey. I felt community. I felt God working through you all . . . using your gifts to encourage me. My husband thanks you.

It was a struggle to write of my pain. But I am so glad that I did. I had a thought as to why miscarriage is such a lonely path. Death surrounds it. We go to funerals. But do we know what to say? So rather than saying something stupid, often we still stay something stupid. And after someone has died, rather than ask the closest loved one how they are doing and dealing with their loss . . . we ask someone else who is well acquainted with the sad individual.

And when innocence dies . . . it is even harder to adults to tackle the communication barrier. Not to mention all of the various beliefs people have about when life begins . . . I hope you are able to readily access my belief in the initiation of God's human plan. So rather than offend, shock, or become uncomfortable we stay quiet. Who wants to talk about something painful anyway?

I do. I did. And if any of you have stories to share . . . I soooo encourage you to prayerfully consider telling someone--be it God, your journal, a blog, a pastor, a friend, a spouse. Don't keep silent about a sadness in your life . . . a miscarriage, and traumatic event, or an addiction. I'm not encouraging you to hurt someone with your words . . . only to share your story to experience healing.

With that let me share one of God's tangible gifts to me today . . .

My friend, Emily, came to visit with her boys.

(She doesn't know I took this picture. I was setting the timer up on the camera. But I really like the picture.)

A fun gift from a Grist Mill in their town. I can't WAIT to make something yummy with the fresh corn meal and wheat flour!
The orange is fresh off of a truck from Florida!)


melanie said...

I'm glad to hear you are encouraged, b/c God truly is good.

Cher said...

Stopping by to say Hi and now following you from a fellow Mama Bzz'er!

Susan said...

It does feel so much better to let others know what we are going through. The Lord will use you to help others, or others will help you who have been through something like this.

By the way you look great.

Heather said...

We will be praying for you. I am glad you have good friends to help you-I like the fireplace photo too:)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

God is good! (All the time)


Kristin Torres said...

you are sucha great writer! I just read the 3 posts you emailed to me. I love you and I am so sorry for the loss of Joelle and for your struggle and IS really really sad and hard. I am glad you're doing better but with the ebb and flow of life, I'm sure the hard days or moments will come and go. Please know that I am always here for you... (even though I don't ususally read your blog b/c I barely have time to read all of my email and keep up w/ my life!). If you ever have a significant one that you want me to read, I'd love it if you'd send me the link again like that! If you ever do feel like talking,I am a good listener and have a lot of compassion for you (and love).
Love you, Kristin