Friday, September 4, 2009

Pick plastics carefully | Environmental Working Group

One of my friends emailed me with the tittle of the email being, "Have you heard all of the brew-ha about SIGG bottles?"

Let me introduce where our children's college fund money has disappeared to SIGG collection:

Ohhhhhh . . .I had, but her title still made me laugh--mainly because though written in email, I could totally hear her intonation.

As consumers, we need be cautious and keep our budget in mind. I doubt it is entirely possible to avoid plastic and contaminates, especially as a city dweller. But there are things that we can do to lower our risky dance with the "nasty" (anyone know the song Nasty Dan?) chemicals found in some of our foods, containers, and homes.

I received the below article (a link for you) in my email box when we returned home from our Walmart experience where I just bought some plastic storage containers (thankfully they are a #5) for the 10 lbs of whole wheat lasagna that I accidentally bought and thought I would share the wealth of knowledge with you.

And by the way, I'm keeping my SIGG and I am going to continue to use all of them. The BPA found in the lining of the SIGG bottles is incredible low AND to my knowledge has continued to be tested and has yet to leach into the liquid the bottle contains.

Healthy Home Tips 4: Pick plastics carefully | Environmental Working Group

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Grampy said...

It is really tough. Everytime you turn around something else is bad for you. I am glad my does all that make sure it is safe for Maya things.
I do take care of the recycleing.
Have a good weekend.

Kari said...

Good info. Knew most of what was in it, but never have heard much about the plastic toys in the tub. Will probably start weening the kid off of her plastic stuff in the tub.
Thanks for sharing.

grace said...

you know, I live under a self-proclaimed rock a lot of the times. It's mostly called the UP of michigan. so I was thrilled this last christmas when my brother bought my entire family water bottles that were all advertised as BPA free! shoot, I didn't even know what that meant. ha ha.