Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tot School

C week was introduced with the Letter C Caterpillar, from No Time for Flashcards! When they were done, we used pipe cleaners for antenna above the C eyes.

There are a few bloggers whose writings I have delivered to my in box, instant inspiration. One such inspiration came from Valerie (Lapbook Lessons) thru Carisa (Tot School). The timing of her lapbook lesson update was perfect. For AWANA last Wednesday, Mr. Me-Too's memory verse was Genesis 1:1, "God created the heavens and the earth." So, we created a Creation Lapbook!

Mr. Me-Too is just becoming aware of drawing something to resemble an object in real life. I drew the circles and he drew the sticks for bodies! Each head had a name--the whole family was named.

We also started Carisa's new ABC Farm lapbook. However, I don't have a picture of us interacting with it. Hmmm . . . but here are the boys sipping Starbucks (white milk) with Mama on her weekly visit. These printables are from ABC Teach.

My friend, Beckie, snagged some foam blocks for me. She knew my need and constant desire for various objects to sort. We started out using egg cartons to separate the colors and the shapes. But our egg cartons weren't big enough. So we found baskets. But the boys did this activity in their under-roo's . . . so, I have chosen not to post them!

Our Tot trays have arrived! Now I just have to find a place to "put" them! So, you will only see them once on this post. Lord willing, a trip to IKEA this week should help the trays become a daily tool in Mr. Me-Too's Tot School. However, I discovered that the trays are great for containing and transporting projects, such as the fall bead bracelets we are working on for our neighbors and relatives.

And I broke down and bought some help. I know nothing about music. Even when the Hottie Hubby has attempted to explain music to me . . . it falls on deaf ears. I couldn't even master the recorder in grade school. I can't even pound a djembe to the right beat. So, I found this great little guitar program for beginners for the computer. I am proud to say that the boys and I know the chord g!!!!!! I am so excited!

Look at the precious little smile on his face above.

I really want my children to be able to play an instrument. My two favorite are the guitar and the bongos or a similar instrument. Both can be such easy ways to minister to others and to worship the Lord. How cool it would be to have family times of worship. Or one day seeing my sons use their musical talent to lead worship at church, or a band, should the Lord call them to such a job.

Tot School


Mozer said...

Wow you did alot this week! :) I have those foam beads but didn't think to sort them (duh!) Will be doing that activity soon! :)

Rebecca said...

We did creation activities this week too! And what a sweet idea to make fall bracelets! I love it!