Monday, September 7, 2009

Fancy Watermelon

If you are going to a Labor Day picnic today and just aren't quite sure what to bring, let me suggest a watermelon.

It may sound a little dull, perhaps lame, and slightly too easy.

Well, jazz it up. Make your watermelon look like a fortune.

1. Cut your watermelon open. I suggest shaving off a quarter of the top of the watermelon. Don't saw the melon in half. You want to leave room for the actual fruit that you will scoop out.

2. If you have a melon scoop, by all means, use that handy kitchen utensil. I do not. So, I used my coffee scoop!

3. After scooping out all of your watermelon, grab a sharp knife. Pretend you are carving a pumpkin and slice triangles along the edge of your watermelon. Put the fallen triangles in your compost bucket!

4. Dump your fruit back into the bowl. You won't even have to worry about leaving your container at the party!


Melissa said...

Love this...will definitely use this great tip sometime! Thank you!