Monday, September 21, 2009

Studypod--Not Your Grandma's Book Holder

I think that I have mentioned before that I often write my blog posts of a morning. I sit on a couch with one of the two older munchkins (Mr. Smiley typically is still asleep). The couch I sit on rotates depending on whose turn it is to snuggle.

So, yes--I, Granola Mom, allow my boys to watch Clifford and Curious George--gasp!

(My opinions on TV would be expounded upon in a later post, should I receive more than 10 comments on this post.)

Today the computer sits on my lap. Mr. Me-Too is on my right, chai on a table to my left, and Mr. Smackdown is eating breakfast on the opposite couch. Beside my chai is enough room for my new Study Pod Book Holder, should I have pre-written my post on a thing called paper, which sometimes happens when Hottie Hubby is home since I still have yet to win a Mini computer.


I have decided that this is really quite a clever little gadget. I have had book holders before, BUT they were LARGE and prone to tipping over. Using them was frustrating.

Not so with the Studypod from Photobucket.
(Note: I didn't need to include that little Genio graphic, but it is just so cute and clever. Just like its product!)

Here is why it is cute:
  • it looks like a little book (making it portable and easy to store)
  • it has tiny compartments inside of the Studypod (to store pencils, an i Pod--I don't have one), phone, etc.)
  • there is a swirly collection of sayings on the inside (subliminal motivation?)
  • the book "kick stand" is precious (used to place your reading material at eye-level and to reduce poor posture)
  • it is offered in charming colors: blue, pink, and black

Here is why the Studypod is a useful tool to practically anyone:


I think that the picture states the obvious. The one comment I would add is that the Studypod can hold virtually any size book and stay upright.

It isn't uncommon in our house to find the Hottie taking care of his AWANA responsibilities on a Monday night. Though AWANA is a relationally based Scripture memory church program, keeping 16 leaders and countless kids organized takes some behind the scenes computer work.

Because I know that you enjoy seeing my family in action, I had Hottie Hubby use the book holder to truly test out this product on an unsuspecting subject. Notice, his excellent posture.

I believe that this product will be a keeper. I will sit down and have a bowl of granola while using my Studypod!

When you go to purchase your Studypod, be sure to enter the coupon code TOSBLOGS5 that is available to my blog readers. Let me know if you do purchase one!