Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tot School 9

In an attempt to get more disciplined, due to frustration and the Lord speaking to me through what feels like chaos in my head, I am actually finding myself posting about Tot School in a timely fashion.   Discipline in one area, affects other aspects of your life.  It is a beautiful thing.  Yahoo!  Perhaps I should start my own Granola Mom school to show how I am getting more organized and disciplined, and then everyone could use the MckLinky to post their discipline successes and tips. I digress. 

For being unorganized we still managed to accomplish great things the past two weeks.

I often incorporate FIAR (Five In A Row) materials.  This week we read ABC Bunny.  Mr. Me-Too was to move the beads on  the abacus each time we saw a bunny in the story. I really thought that he wouldn't wait for us, but move all of the beads ove before the rabbits were counted.  However, he showed great self-control and ONLY moved a bead if I said a number.  Way to go, Mr. Me-Too!

 (And yes, I know that his mouth is open. He likes to pretend that he is a dog.)

Another day after reading ABC Bunny we got out our animal cards from Homeschool Share that are used throughout the FIAR books.  We searched for the animals on our cards that were mentioned in the story.

We created letters using Connectagons.

And had a mini photo shoot, which also involved an open mouth.

Mr. Me-Too joined Mr. Smackdown and I during Rocket Phonics and played Memory.  


The letter C was introduced by tracing a pre-written C with Do-A-Dots. 

We practiced making capital letters.  Mr. Me-Too was super excited to make the Letter A all by himself.

Mr. Me-Too got hold of some markers and worked on writing his name.  In this picture, he is writing the letter E.  This is the first time that he has shown any interest in writing.

We read a story and created a craft to match in Storytime with the Millers

Mr. Smackdown helped Mr. Me-Too complete his AWANA homework.

The Granola Boys created their own Tic-Tac-Toe game that was quite amusing.  However, it worked on Mr. Me-Too's fine motor skills and following Big Brother's ever changing rules instructions.  Notice the yoga he is working into the game.

This was followed by Clifford ABC Bingo that I picked up for free at the school I used to teach at.  Since Mr. Me-Too was playing with Mr. Smackdown, I would say the letter with its corresponding sound, plus place the Calling Card in front of him.  

In honor of Nana's birthday, the boys painted an apron for her to wear while she makes them some applesauce from freshly picked apples at a nearby orchard.

And here is my firecracker expending some energy during our picnic lunch with Nana on her birthday.

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grace said...

what fun those boys have.
I used to do handwriting w/o tears with a boy I worked with in Indianapolis. Building those letters was his favorite thing to do!

Michelle said...

lol, what a wonderful tot school week! The open mouthed pics cracked me up, and I love your fun style of writing.*Ü*

Valerie said...

Quite a week! My little Bub colored that same Cubby picture this week! God is Love! Yours was way more in the lines though ;)



Valerie said...

I forgot to say that I love the new look of your blog (did I already comment that yet? I'm tired :)