Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Jesus Book by Stephen Elkins

You know that you are a blogger when your children participate and offer suggestions to help your blog out.

I happened to be sitting by Mr. Smackdown one morning, prayerfully attempting to decide what book to review for Thomas Nelson.  I had my heart set on a particular book which shall remain nameless, mostly because I forget what it was named.

Anyway, Mr. Smackdown tore his eyes away from Curious George, which is when I take time to blog, and said,

"Mommy, can you have the mailman bring us that book?"  

OK.  Prayer answered.

So is the book kid friendly?  You bet!  My son wanted it on the computer screen.  And once it became a physical book in our hands, it has yet to disappoint us.

I love this book because you can use it on a variety of levels.  For example, you could . . .
  1. Only read the title of the page, (i.e.) "The angel said Jesus was the son of God." Then look and talk about the picture featured on that page.
  2. Read the title of the page and read the small devotional about the title, in addition to discussing the picture.
  3. Grab your Bible, read the suggested passage, and discuss the above two ideas.
No matter how you use this book, Stephen Elkins takes huge adult concepts and breaks them down to bite sized pieces. 
But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  (Matthew 19: 14)
Rather than read this book in one setting, Hottie Hubby has been reading 1-3 stories each night before bedtime.  Each night they are able to crawl up into their daddy's lap, and come and hear about who Jesus really is in a memorable way.  The kiddos also have REALLY enjoyed the pictures, drawn by Claudine Gevry. 

I'd have some granola and read this book!

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