Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Can Be Fearless

Fearless is Mr. Me-Too jumping off the couch and trusting that you will catch him, even if YOU weren't planning on this Olympic event. Fearless is Mr. Smiley enthusiastically climbing the stairs with no one behind him to catch him when he teeters from looking down at his independent accomplishment. Fearless is Mr. Smackdown wading out into the lake with a big smile on his face. Fearless is the Hottie Hubby learning to snowboard or jumping off a high cliff on our honeymoon. And my fearless event . . . perhaps having a baby at home.

Fear is shown as I am apprehensive to place our U2 tickets in Hottie Hubby's car, out of a crazy fear that the car might get stolen. (Who cares about the car; I want to go to the concert.) Fear is cringing at the thought of leaving the drier on when we leave the house, even though there is only 5 minutes left in the cycle. Fear is wondering if my doctor really washed his hands with soap before he touched me.

I must admit that it has been a long time since I read a Max Lucado book. When I first began my friendship with Jesus in high school, I devoured Max's books. They provided the mortar to solidify my new faith, filling in the cracks with understanding.

But then I started reading books about biology, accounting, teaching . . . marriage . . . kids, etc. Through the Thomas Nelson Blogger Review program, I was given the opportunity to revisit Max Lucado with his latest book, Fearless.

I heartily and robustly proclaim that this is a must read, and perhaps a keeper on your bookshelf. Though I am 16 years old in the Lord, I was encouraged and challenged to evaluate areas in my life where I struggled with doubt, fear, and mistrust. That probably doesn't sound like an appealing book to read . . . who wants to be reminded of their fears? But trust me, Max leaves you with a feeling (based on the firm foundation of the Bible) of hope, confidence, and trust in the purposes of God.

Even better than just reading this book, discuss the contents of this book with a trusted friend or a support group. Located in the back of the book, are discussion questions that will really help to reinforce and remind us of the timeless truths found in this book.

Oh, and I know that you are waiting to hear my favorite chapters . . . 10, 11, 12. I'll keep the titles a secret, so you can go check the book out!

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