Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sprouted Grain, Part 2

If you will recall, I found energy or rather time, to sprout some grain

March 31 033 The little white things dangling from the wheat berries are the sprouts.  This tells me that digestion has already begun!

Well, I’m done sprouting.

March 31 032

I just need to do some grinding of grain now.  But that will come another day.  Another Sue Gregg recipe.

After three days of bathing the grain twice a day, I created a desert for my wheat berries.

March 31 034

To do this, I purchased some fiberglass netting (it was supposed to be nylon – but I couldn’t find the nylon netting and I was impatient to start.)  I traced around the fruit leather insert tray to get an idea of how large my netting needed to be to fit into the dehydrator.

March 31 036

After the circle was created with my scissors, I cut an X in the middle of the netting so that it would slide over the middle of each dehydrator tray.

March 31 035

All that remained was to add the wheat berries.  Might I mention that it is easier to add the wheat berries than get them off the they tray once they are dried.

March 31 038   

24 hours later I have very dry and ready to use sprouted wheat berries. 

sprouted grain 002

Next step:  Sue Gregg soaked whole wheat bread.  Maybe tomorrow.

However, tomorrow is a big day . . . we get to take a peak at the sauerkraut that has been lurking above our heads for over two weeks(pictures of that to be revealed tomorrow!).

What Am I Reading?

There are a few things that the Hottie Hubby has kidded me about ever since I have known him.  But I think these are the very things that he finds charming about me, if I do say so.  But they also drive him up the wall.
  • I leave my water glasses everywhere.  Just yesterday, my mom probably brought down 7 glasses from my bathroom.
  • I love to go to public places like the mall, farmer's markets, or the Monon (a bike trail in our city) and make up stories about people.  In fact, I am often guilty of that during our dates . . . but he typically joins me in my story crafting!  
  • Everything is a "known fact."
  • It isn't uncommon for me to have MULTIPLE books going at one time.
Due to the fact that I often have a lot of books going on a once, I am finding myself maybe a little overwhelmed at the moment.  So, I think that I am doing this post for my benefit.  But in case you were wondering this is a list of books that I am currently reading.  Maybe I'll write a little ditty about each book after I finish them.

A Tale of Two Cities

Growing Grateful Kids: Teaching Them to Appreciate an Extraordinary God in Ordinary Places (Hearts at Home Books)

Living With Less So Your Family Has More

Miniskirts, Mothers, and Muslims: A Christian Woman in a Muslim Land

This Little Prayer of Mine

Forget Me Not (Christian Mystery Series)

So Long, Insecurity: You've Been a Bad Friend to Us

Divine Mentor, The: Growing Your Faith as You Sit at the Feet of the Savior

The Daniel Fast: Feed Your Soul, Strengthen Your Spirit, and Renew Your Body

She's Gonna Blow!: Real Help for Moms Dealing with Anger

The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized: *Manage Your Time *Eliminate Clutter and Experience Order *Keep Your Family First

Honey for a Child's Heart

Muslims, Christians, and Jesus: Gaining Understanding and Building Relationships

The Sacred Meal: The Ancient Practices Series

  • Soups and Muffins by Sue Gregg
  • An Introduction to Whole Grain Baking by Sue Gregg

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God, Revised and Expanded

  • Last but not least, my Bible.

And there are actually a few more books that I have that I WANT to read that are just laying around.  Sigh.