Monday, March 22, 2010


I have realized that despite my mom and mother-in-law’s help, I still am doing a lot of stuff around the house by myself.  And I am not knocking Brian’s help . . . I mean the daytime housework . . . like laundry, vacuuming, dishes, feeding the animals, etc. 

And that needs to change. 

I found myself stripping and washing three sets of  bed linens due to unfortunate accidents the other day.  Due to washing all the sheets, blankets, and pillows, no other laundry got done . . . I was frustrated . . . and I felt a little sorry for myself.  Which is silly. 

Who am I working for?  Duh.  The Lord!  So none of this is in vain!

I’m doing my kids a gross disservice by not teaching them how to take care of things . . . I need to provide loving instruction on how to do simple life skills. 

However, I also need to lower my expectations during training and view their work age appropriately. 

So that very day I taught Mr. Smackdown how to mop while I made sauerkraut, mustard, and beef bourguignon. 

cooking 012

He LOVED it. 

But he finished a little too quickly.

 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, (Colossians 3:23)

So we looked over the kitchen again for all of the spots that he missed, still had dirt, or extra water. 

Upon which he said, “This is so much fun!!!!”

cooking 015

It’s true.  Work can be fun.  It can be especially fun when good ‘ol mom isn’t bitter about feeling like an underpaid daily.  Sharing the responsibility can bring joy, confidence, and satisfaction.  

As a result, and thanks to some friends who tweeted me the chores they have their children do, the boys and I came up with a list of potential jobs.  Now we haven’t made a schedule yet, but that will come soon enough, thanks to the help of my friend, Nicole.

  • mop
  • vacuum
  • dust
  • match socks
  • fold towels, napkins, washcloths
  • straighten bookshelves
  • fold diapers and wipes
  • feed the dog and fish
  • water the garden
  • set the table
  • pick up toys
  • pick up sticks before Daddy mows
  • help clean the bathroom
  • give the dog water
  • wash windows
  • clean the car (their idea, not mine)
  • take compost out
  • help make meals
  • sweep front porch
  • sweep deck
  • collect bathroom trash
  • weed
  • put recycling away
  • collect Mommy’s cups when they accumulate
  • wipe table
  • brush dog

What other chores do you have your kids do around the house?

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