Thursday, March 25, 2010

Giveaway #1: Grapevine Studies (My Fav!)


Oh . . . I am so excited for you to win this adventure.  I came across Grapevine Studies through my involvement with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.

You might remember my review; however, I’ll leave you the link back to it . . . just to refresh your memory.  I would hate to embarrass you! 

It is ONE  of two curriculums that we are consistently still using in our school room from the countless reviews that I have done so far this year. . . and I even already went ahead and purchased our Bible curriculum for next year from Grapevine Press.


I also bought a few other things . . .


. . . to do as a family in preparation for when the Christian population celebrates Resurrection Day, AKA Easter.

But what I am most excited about, are the unit studies we will do in this study:


. . . because it is so exciting to see how throughout the Old Testament, God was preparing hearts for the coming of His Son . . . and through these feasts NOW . . . celebrating them continues to prepare OUR hearts for the return of our Savior. 

I HEART this curriculum.  Whether you home school or not, these Bible studies are such a blessing.  They take you through the Word, verse by verse.  You can cover the ENTIRE Bible.  Mr. Smackdown begs that we do a whole week’s worth of lessons in one setting. 

Want to win both a teacher e-book AND a student e-book?

(If you are intimidated by it being an e-book, don’t be.  I have found that e-books CAN be more helpful.  I sometimes only print a week’s worth of lessons and other times, I print the book in its entirety!   The bonus is that your e-book will be in color! (I think) And you can use it for years to come!)

How to Enter (and yes my friends and family can enter . . . I use to pick the winner . . . and you aren't friends with Mr. Random.  No one is. So enter to win ON MY BLOG NOT through a FACEBOOK COMMENT.)

Mandatory:  Tell me which set of e-books from Grapevine you would like to win and why.

Optional Entries (meaning write a new and separate comment for each)

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  3. Blog about this giveaway linking to this post.
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  6. Purchase something from Grapevine and receive 20% off using the discount code GM4G.  (This code is actually valid until April 30th!)

Giveaway Ends:  Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sorry US residents only!

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