Friday, March 19, 2010

Perfect Timing

I got a little email a few days ago.  And the timing was perfect.  I do have a little celebration coming up, you know . . .

I was given the opportunity to pick out a little gift for YOU and for ME. 

I had 200 stores to chose from.  Can you guess what I chose?  If you leave a comment you will be able to count that as an entry when the giveaway does start. 

Here are some things to guess from . . .

  • new bar stools since we gave some borrowed bar stools back to their original owner?
  • an espresso machine, since I don’t like homemade chai anymore?
  • an electric griddle for large morning birthday parties involving pancakes?
  • a Plan City wood toy game?
  • an indoor water fountain complete with candles for when we have another home birth, Lord willing?

Keep reading Granola Mom 4 God to find out! 

P.S. Thanks to the Lord, I added two new products to the list of giveaway items already involved in the 200+ Subscriber Celebration. . . Grapevine Studies and something crafty from my friend, Charity! 

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