Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baked Beans Failure

I was so excited. 

I had been working on tonight’s dinner for two days. 

Folks – seriously, this is HUGE. I, prego-Jodi, thought ahead!  I haven't done that in 10 weeks! (Plan ahead for a meal that is.)

I soaked and sprouted my beans. 

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I got out all of my ingredients this morning to create the perfect supper for tonight.  I was following all of Sally’s suggestions.  (Sally Fallon, that is, author of the amazing cookbook, Nourishing Traditions.)

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We would have homemade baked beans, sauerkraut, chicken sausage, and hearty bread. 

I even called my mom about it this morning.  I was so excited to use my Dutch Oven that she gave me at Christmas.

A wholesome meal, perfect to restore my body after my first workout in . . . oh . . . umm . . . since our ski trip.  Gulp.  I was so excited to bless my MIL with a home cooked meal since she always gets our Wednesday night meal ready after I have been away for a quiet afternoon and she managing a three-ringed circus. 

But alas . . . not tonight.


The lid ALONE tells the whole story.

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Burnt.  All. The. Water. Disappeared.

I honestly followed the directions to the letter.  I have been craving beans that won’t make me . . . you know . . . fart. 

The sauce was delicious.  The beans.  Hard.

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So it appears that I have a lot to learn about using a Dutch Oven.  This was my first time using the Dutch Oven for its intended purpose . . . from the stove-top to the oven.

I was going to show you the recipe and all that fun stuff . . . but I can’t.  Your dinner might turn out like mine.

Dark.  Dry. Hard. Burnt.  A heavenly smelling house with nothing to show for it.

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