Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sprouting Wheat Berries

I doubt that it is normal to get excited about taking pictures of Wheat Berries. 

And in case you are wondering, wheat berries are the little pieces of grain that comprise most of your bread.  And just in case you are wondering . . . yes, I buy my wheat berries in bulk (about 50 pounds).  They are stored in white tubs that are closed with a Gamma Seal lid to keep bugs out.  And just in case you are wondering, 50 pounds of wheat berries lasts about 16-24 weeks, if not more,  before we use them all up. 




But I got a little trigger happy with Willow (my camera) today.




I suppose it is because I have been wanting to sprout my wheat for some time.  It is one  of the last things I have to do in my cooking with Sue Gregg. 

I kept putting it off because I told myself I didn’t have the time.  That was pretty stupid.  All I did was measure out a cup of wheat berries, funnel them into a Mason jar, and pour some filtered water up to the neck of the glass jar. 





So for the next three days, I am supposed to change their water.  And then dehydrate them.  All for improved nutrition. 




It makes me feel sorry for poor Nemo, our fish.  Little guy is still alive.  I am going to be changing my wheat berry water way more than I ever change his water.  Bless his little orange fins. 

Upcoming recipes:  sauerkraut fermented for 23 days, Mason Jar Mustard, boeuf bourguignon, and sprouted bread.  And I have a little experiment that I’m going to do involving the microwave . . .

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