Monday, March 8, 2010

School Is In Session

I know . . . you haven’t been hearing much from me lately.  I have almost been avoiding my computer much like I avoid anything with a smell. 

But I wanted to let you know that school has been in session.  We’ve been doing some fun things.

Here is a glimpse.

  • Mr. Smiley acquired his first Tot Tray, much to his delight.

school 036

school 038 

  • I finally put out some new Tot Trays.

school 007

  • We began the process of sprouting seeds for our garden.

school 078

  • We played with stickers from Oriental Trading Company.

school 005 

  • The boys created chenille wire trees.

february and beyond 006

  • And we have been making an alphabet creature every day. 

february and beyond 001

The highlight for me, though . . . was going to the Homeschooling conference a few weekends ago.  The Hottie and I learned a lot, and it has been fun to incorporate some of the things that I learned from all of the speakers that we heard.  (I also go some fun new curriculum!)

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