Monday, March 29, 2010

Microwave Experiment

My friend Sarah got rid of her microwave.  I’ve always wanted to, but lacked the guts.  Though most everything I create in our kitchen takes time . . . I sometimes am desperate for the quick fix that a microwave provides. 

I’ve always known that I could never be EXACTLY like Jordan Rubin, who first made me aware of the concept of a kitchen without a microwave.  So though I VERY rarely use the microwave to heat up our food, it comes in handy to warm up a bed buddy or even for heating up some water to proof my yeast for bread making.

But that may change soon.

microwave experiement 062

Sarah took the plunge and got rid of the microwave and converted to a toaster oven, which is what I primarily use to heat up our food. 

Then she found this blog post about the damage the microwave inflicts on our food and subsequently to our body.  And if that article wasn’t convicting enough, The Healthy Home Economist provided a link to a science experiment that a girl did back in 2006 showing a plant that died due to drinking microwave water.

Curious to see if I could replicate the results and prove my suspicions about the danger of the microwave, I purchased some spring flowering plants.

 microwave experiement 055

The Hottie Hubby thought that in order to provide a more accurate and fair experiment, I needed to have three different types of water.  In all cases, the water is filtered.

I microwaved one jar of water to boiling and then let it cool.

microwave experiement 054

microwave experiement 056

I boiled some water in a pan on the stove and allowed it to cool.

microwave experiement 058

And I put filtered water in a jar.

 microwave experiement 057

All of the jars and plants will be kept together on a tot tray, watered at the same time, and experience the same amount of sunlight.

microwave experiement 059

The Winner:  whichever plant is thriving wins.

The Loser:  the one who dies first.  I won’t plan on  drinking that water.

I wonder . . . does heating alone change the components of water or is it the bumping of molecules due to an unnatural method of warming water destroy the health benefits of a very necessary staple of human life. . . 

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