Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Fancy Book Club

I have talked about my book club before. It makes me feel smart. We recently discussed The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse. (If you want to see a picture of it, go to Amazon. This isn’t a book review or an sly attempt to make money. I simply read this book for myself. Brain exercise. It doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as P90X.)

Sarah made fondue. And her yummy biscotti. Don’t you think she should give me the recipe so that I can post it for all of you to make? Just kidding. But seriously, I think she should do a photo shoot of the making of biscotti on her blog, much like the cookies she just made.

lots of December stuff 053

She had a real Christmas tree. I was in heaven.

lots of December stuff 055

Don’t they look smart?

lots of December stuff 054

But here is where the fun began. We played Telephone Pictionary. The idea is that you have index cards on a ring, one card for each person playing the game. The first person writes a common phrase (my phrase was common, though slightly crude—but I do live with boys). You then pass the bound cards to the person beside you who draws a picture on the next card of your delightful phrase. For example, here is my phrase:

lots of December stuff 064

Mary, who was sitting next to me, then drew the phrase. This is her artistic rendering of my phrase:

lots of December stuff 065

Now the person after Mary, SARAH, could only look at this picture and come up with her own phrase:

lots of December stuff 066

And from this point on, the phrase and drawings got further and further away from my original idea.

Thanks, Michelle. I thought for sure my own sister would understand my phrase!

lots of December stuff 067

So Sarah (yes, we have two) wrote this (see how she is laughing?!)

lots of December stuff 057

lots of December stuff 068

And the rest . . .

View Pictionary

That poor poor donkey.

If you need some new one-liners, I encourage you to read The Code of the Woosters. Let me give you a few . . .

  • If you are going to drink coffee—I am going to imbibe about a fluid ounce of the hot and strengthening.
  • There is good in the worst of us.
  • She, it appeared, did not take tea, being on a diet.
  • When someone is singing you could comment on their voice as follows: ___________’s timbre, reminding the hearer partly of an escape of gas from a gas pipe and partly of a sheep calling to its young in the lambing season.
  • One so frequently finds in girls a disinclination to stick to the important subject.
  • I’m so happy, I could bite a grape!
  • He gave me a look, a kind of wide-eyed, reproachful look, such as a dying newt might have given him, if he had forgotten to change its water regularly.
  • If you aren’t particularly fond of the way someone laughs, then think in YOUR HEAD, “Wow! he/she snorted like a bison at the water trough.”
  • If someone looks surprised you can say that they look like a bewildered halibut.

Next time I share about book club it will be about The Count of the Monte Cristo. Until then . . .


Susan said...

Love the game. I did this once with a bunch of pre-teen girls not as much fun as yours.

Sarah said...

haha, great post!!

Julie said...

holy cow. i am laughing so hard. that is so funny about the donkey! hilarious!

Conny said...

I can only imagine how hysterical you all were over that race horse phrase!!! :) Glad you got away for a fun night.

Mamma James said...

Hillarious! Simply hillarious! I do feel smart too for attending a book club. :) I love you list of quotes at the end...some of my favorites as well.

melanie said...

hahahahahahaha hehehehehehehe hohohohohohoho

=) Fun times for you smart cookies!

And the rest of your phrase comes to mind: "...on Derby Day." You might have gotten some hats drawn on that poor donkey.

(Beautiful tree, Sarah!)

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I was laughing seeing those drawings and phrases, so I can imagine that you all laughing quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

Ok, #1 - that tree is SOOO pretty!! #2 - that game is hilarious and next time I am with a group of people, I am definitely making them play!!