Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Steeping Cup

I just completed a photo shoot.

I won't be paid for it.

But it did make me happy.

And it is a little unusual.

I would like for you to meet my new Steeping Cup . . . .

. . . . that Sarah gave me to cheer me up.

Remember when I barfed on my blog?

Well, Sarah brought me a Steeping Mug to cheer me up.

We all speak different love languages. And Sarah's language is gifts (ahem David) . . . as is mine.

I also hinted around BIG time that I was envious of her steeping mug.

And now I am listening to the Nutcracker while enjoying my green tea that I stole from my mom. Actually, I didn't steal it. I "helped" her clean out her tea cabinet a few months back.

Until today, I never had the right tea mug for this particular tea. Good tea MUST be enjoyed in a good, quality tea cup.

Or the experience is lacking, in my eyes.

But not today. I am truly satisfied with my tea. And my mug. And my photo shoot.


David said...

Understood :D

Kari @ p.s. said...

What a great post for today. I love your new steeping cup. I buy my own loose herbs and make my own - add some raw honey and I'm good to go!

Sarah said...

SO glad you are enjoying it! Great photo shoot!

millaa said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm glad to have you as a new friend! :)

Susan said...

Looks yummy.

christina said...

I am so thankful that you have a friend who knows you so well...and loves you well, too. I was praying today that God would show you how much He cares for you - in a way that would speak "loudly" to your heart. :) I'd say a gift from a friend and a comforting cup of tea are an answer to prayer! :) Love you, Jodi!

Jessica said...

So glad that you're doing well these days. Cling to your amazing faith, Jodi.