Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tot School – 2 weeks worth

Tot School

Well, we’ve been sick. I’m a little baffled by this, being granola and all. However, I do know that a lack of diligence to wash hands after field trips to the store, forgetting to apply Thieves Oil to our feet, living in close proximity to each other, and allowing various sugary splurges and processed foods into our lives can and do lower immunity.

Being a full time nurse has curbed my blogging, kind of. Actually, I just didn’t do my Tot School post last Sunday. I was worn out from 3 sleepless nights.

The pictures are in any particular order . . . and my comments will be brief. But I want to blog about it because it helps to hold me accountable, document our school, and spur me on to plan for the following week.

Tot TraysNovember 3 007

Chenille Alphabet Letters

November 004

Handwriting Without Tears Letter Cards

November 3 058

Letter E HWT practice from

November 3 056

E Elephant coloring from

November 3 055


November 001

Thanksgiving copper frames from Oriental Trading. (Not for children who struggle with fine motor skills. Not that I would know.)

November 007

November 006

Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing puzzle, sorting alphabet letters and sorting bottle caps according to size, shape, and color.

View t0t school

Workbook number pages, Brown Bear board game, yoga, and 800+ photo shoot

View tot school 2

Visit to Mary Beth--our herbalist, AWANA practice, shopping for Operation Christmas Child

View Tot school3

Sorting colored marshmallows and picking them up with a toothpick.

View marshmellows

Alphabet Suitcase puzzle

November 3 010

Alphabet magnets—the boys matched the letters

November 3 009

November 3 008

Mathletics . . . an online computer program that we are reviewing. I love it!

november 4 031

But it can be hard to make a brain work . . .

november 4 034

Sorting the stacking block, separating beans and attempting to grow them like the little boy in the book, The Carrot Seed that we are reading for FIAR

View stacking cup



Kristen McG said...

how in the world did you get your pictures to do all of those cool things?! Surely blogger didn't let you?!
Great tot school activities!
Where's the alphabet suitcase puzzle from? I like that.

Mamma James said...

Great tot school weeks even w/ sickness swarming your are SUPER MOM! I knew it! :)

Sarah said...

I was just wondering the same thing about your pictures! Please share your secrets! Is a templete of some kind that you drag and drop to?

sbswtp said...

Lots of great activities!!!! Looks like a lot of fun:)

Michelle said...

AWESOME post. Loved every bit of it. *Ü*

Annie said...

We have those stacking blocks and I love it! My 2 yr old still struggles with fitting the two halves together but she is learning how to go from biggest to littlest and sort by shape. It is such a great toy!
Love this post - and the fantastic idea of the marshmallows. Great way to increase fine motor skills!

kanishk said...

AWESOME post. Loved every bit of it. * Work from home India

Rebecca said...

I like the mini marshmallow idea. We also go to awana and love it.