Friday, November 20, 2009

If You Give a Mom a Book -- Pinocchio

If You Give A Mom A Book

Our Sustaining Book:


Originally, the book I was going to feature was about . . . poop. It was hilarious, though not very sustaining, I suppose. When I asked the boys what their favorite book was this week, the answer was all things Pinocchio.

We took an interest in Pinocchio due to my sister dropping off a goody bag for the boys yesterday. The bag housed various videos with their corresponding story book.

Hottie Hubby was late in coming home last night, and I was feeling quite tired . . . so the moment I sat down on the couch after dinner to relax last night and imaginary alert went off in the some youngster's hearts.

They saw me sit.

They stopped mid-play and teleported over to me judging by how fast they were on the couch.

"Let's read a book!"


You know, I just don't like Pinocchio. It just doesn't seem like he ever learns his lesson. He is naively trusting and foolish. The fear of his nose growing doesn't seem to curb his felicity (my new word from Pride and Prejudice) towards lying. But then again, I am like this and so are my children. We find ourselves disciplined after we have sinned or disobeyed, yet we do it again 5 minutes later. And maybe that is why I don't like Pinocchio. He reminds me too much of myself.

Pinocchio's nose provides a great visual picture to remind our child of the next time they fib. Better tell the truth--or else woodpeckers are going to land on your nose and peck at your buggers to shrink your nostrils! If you don't start telling the truth, I'm going to give you some bitter water. No sugar cubes for you to sweeten the lesson you must learn! Or better yet, why don't you just ask God to forgive you!

And so . . . the story hits home. I am like Pinocchio sometimes. My sons . . . simply liked Pinocchio. They thought he seemed nice. From our brown couch, I suppose he does. But he annoys me. I like the cricket.

What did you read this week?

If you don't know what a Sustaining Book is check out my first blog post on this topic, If You Give a Mom a Book.

Some things that you could discuss in your blog post would be:

  • What is one book that stood out to you this week?
  • What was the title of the book, and who were the author(s) and illustrator(s)?
  • What conversations did it spark between you and your child?
  • Did the book come up randomly in conversation at some point causing your child to create an application on their own?
  • Set the scene—where did you sit?
  • Did you have anything yummy to eat or drink while reading?
  • Was music playing?
  • How did reading together help your day?
  • What was the story about?
  • Did you like the illustrations?
  • What was your favorite part about snuggling?
  • Why was your book a Sustaining Book?
  • Link up 1x a week. My goal is to post every Friday.
  • Pick one book—your favorite book from that week.
  • Use any one of the suggestions I listed above to include in your post.
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I can’t wait to read about your Sustaining Book!

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Cascia said...

You can really learn a lot from that children's story. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

I linked up!