Saturday, November 21, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Day 21

Connie, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful for . . .

1. I actually sewed two slings today, thanks to the Hottie Hubby letting me seclude myself in my Happy Place. I just need to get listed on my etsy site.

2. I am thankful that God knows perfect timing.

3. It feels good to allow God to direct my time instead of being selfish with the time that He has given me.

4. It was fun to see the Hottie Hubby have all of his cycling gear on to go on a bike ride with our Pastor. I love seeing the Hottie REALLY enjoy something. Reminds me of the movie, Chariots of Fire.

5. We listed 4 things on Craig's List, sold one, and have a bite on another!

6. Another date night tonight . . . Pride and Prejudice. Don't tell anyone that I haven't finished the book yet.

7. It was a beautiful day.

8. The Hottie Hubby hung this cool wire up so that I in turn can hang up the kids' schoolwork.

9. Our garage is signifigantly organized and clean from some work in it today.

10. The boys spent a lot of time outdoors today. That is soooooo good for them!

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Conny said...

Did you say you make baby slings?? Someone gave me one - and she told me she'll show me how to use it once baby gets here ... I will definitely need instructions! I foresee the baby falling out of it if I try it on my own!! LOL
ANyway, glad you all had a nice day. :)

momof3munchkins said...

Cute slings! I really wish I could sew (or find the time to learn), there are so many cute things I would love to be able to make!

melanie said...

Your day sounds wonderfully productive at home! My 13yo son tonight *timed* us while we made our last 'quick' shopping stop... He says, "No wonder woman's work is never done; you're always playing catch-up after too much shopping." Isn't he sweet?!
btw, the Peanuts fabric is cute!

Sarah said...

wow, that sounds like a great day! How did you like P&P the movie?! Which version did you watch? I'm SO VERY close to finishing but not there yet.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I love the fabric in the first photo. I have a thing for shandes of orange and tangerine lately and those flowers are purrrty.