Wednesday, November 25, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Days 24 & 25

Conny, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful for . . .

  1. Little boys who like to make up games. For example, I have mentioned the game "Runaway Hot dog" that is often played in our household after dinner of an evening. Some cute little boy pretends he is a hot dog (beef and all-natural, of course) that runs away from its bun. Said bun (Hottie Hubby) chases after the runaway hot dog so that he can put some (fermented) ketchup on cute living hot dog. However, on our way home from co-op last night, we decided to come up with all sorts of different "runaway" games. Runaway grass. Runaway carrot. Runaway baby. Runaway steering wheel. Runaway butter. Runaway Christmas tree. Even runaway turkey. I felt especially creative when Mr. Smackdown complimented me by saying, "Oh, that was a good one, Mommy."
  2. Co-op and our yummy food we pick up at J and J's house.
  3. Christmas lights.
  4. Christmas music.
  5. the Hottie Hubby who bikes to work and still manages to get home at normal time.
  6. the amazing beef stew that I made for dinner last night and had for lunch this afternoon. For some reason, the recipe had me include tapicoa. I have no idea why, but it sure was good.
  7. I worked out. Jullian and I are going to become good buddies.
  8. Biggest Loser was on last night.
  9. We changed Nemo's water.
  10. Craft time with the boys was super duper fun.
And now for another 10 for today . . .

  1. Curious George was an hour long Christmas special.
  2. My friend Tina came over EARLY this morning. We had chai, fellowship, good conversation, and she helped me run my daycare . . . I mean take care of my kids.
  3. A new diaper arrived in the mail from Earth Angel Diaper Company. Click on the link to see what it is! Tell me what you want to know about it. Better yet, buy something from it so I can get some more free stuff! (Hint, hint!)
  4. The Hottie Hubby is mine, mine, mine for 4 days!
  5. My MIL and FIL delivered a Starbucks to my front door and took all 3 boys out on a lunch date.
  6. I don't have to make dinner tonight. We have enough leftovers.
  7. It is Thanksgiving tomorrow.
  8. Biggest Loser is on again tonight.
  9. Mr. Smackdown and I snuggled this morning reading Clubhouse Jr. from Focus on the Family.
  10. God loves me.
  11. I decided to not be legalistic. Yes, I commited to writing 30 posts for 30 days of being thankful. I am thankful. But my blog is not eternal. It may deliver and eternal message at times . . . but it is OK to not write.
  12. People made me feel good on Facebook.

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melanie said...

Fun lists today, Jodi! "good one, Mommy" - love it! And the grandparents leaving you with a house to yourself -- ahhh -- Did you veg or accomplish tons?

You know I'm with you on the unbound blog ;-) I'm not planning to post tomorrow - or even [gasp] turn the computer on?! AND I have Friday's post already written! woohoo! Now if only my living room was decluttered and dusted...
Have a great weekend!

melanie said...

oh, and sorry about the SeeHere site... someone said it's a mess when over-busy. Hmm, maybe at 4am Friday when you're getting ready to go shopping? (ha?)

Mamma James said...

Your blog made me smile more than once! I really enjoy reading your posts...I wasn't disappointed you didn't post yesterday (even though I did look for it). I knew you were making your day count with your kids. I hope you enjoyed your 30 minutes alone today! :) Happy Thanksgiving!!! Enjoy your time w/ your hubby.

Conny said...

I couldn't wait to catch up with my "Thankful Friends" ... my NON-LEGALISTIC thankful friends, that is! (that made me laugh because I didn't even post on Friday like I had planned)...Glad you all had some down time of this holiday and lots of fun.