Wednesday, November 11, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Day 11

I am looking to be thankful today. All 5 of my senses are alert. I won't falter today . . . or sit staring at the screen for 1/2 hour just to list 10 things to be thankful for. (Editor's Note: It actually took 4 hours to write this . . . life happened.) The Grouch Bug will not bite me. Instead, the Happy Bug is unleashing his rainbow merriment, or so I am telling myself.

Connie, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful . . .

  1. For my little boys who have taken over 400 pictures today. Thank the Lord for digital cameras. Can you imagine if I had 400 images to print from a film camera? The camera Mr. Me-Too is using . . . is a print camera, without the film, and he could care less. That is a beautiful and active imagination for you. In fact, he would RATHER use his imagination camera than the digital camera that provides instant results. As promised to the munchkins, I have (back) posted some of their photography. Please leave a comment for them.

  2. I actually took a shower at 6 AM. And no, we aren't going anywhere today.
  3. Mr. Smiley slept the entire night and is still asleep (10AM).
  4. I got to read a small portion of Honey for a Child's Heart in preparation for my new weekly post entitled, If You Give a Mom a Book.

  5. If You Give A Mom A Book

  6. My new dishwasher is currently being driven to our local Menard's store. I can't WAIT to meet her and introduce her to my dishes!
  7. We snuggled in bed and read Cinderella. I like that story.
  8. I am enjoying Jasmine tea.
  9. I am thankful for all of the Veteran's who have fought in the various battles our country has been involved in throughout the years, risking their lives, so that we might live in freedom.
  10. I am so glad that nap-time comes around every day.
  11. Nemo is still alive.
  12. Mussie hasn't eaten any food that I am made. She has eaten some garbage, but that doesn't cause nearly as bad smelling farts.

For those of you who asked what the Animal Herbal Scented Eye Pillows were that lured my sons to sleep and have provided delightful entertainment today . . . meet Lady Cat and Toby-Hawk. I think they have a lavender/chamomile scent. I must admit that they (the pillows and the boys) went to sleep significantly quicker last night. We shall see if we have a repeat performance of that tonight.

Please leave a thankful comment at these lovely ladies who are also blogging about thankfulness . . .I've included three new ladies!

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Sarah said...

#1 -over 400! sounds like a great day!
#2 -yay!!
#3 -GO MR. S!
#4 -can't wait to learn more! anxiously awaiting that post!
#5 -that will be a good day!
#6 -ooh I've never read it, just seen the movie -I'm sure the book is much better! although I really do like the movie Ever After
#7 -have to try that one...which brand do you like?
#8 -ME TOO!
#9 -such a GREAT time of day!
#10 -just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...
#11 -haha! that's a GOOD thing!

Conny said...

400 pictures - wow!! WTG, boys :) The best thing we did this summer while traveling was get both our kids a disposable camera & let them take pics of whatever they wanted. It was great fun!
Thanks for showing the eye pillows ... now I get it! :)

melanie said...

u r fun e Jo d =)
And I do not text. Ever. But thought I'd be bold I guess ;-)
I think *I* want some eye pillows - they're cute! And sleep is good.
Oh, guess what DD brought home from youth group tonight?! pecan pie bars. I am NOT looking at them or smelling them, and hopefully DH will make them ALL disappear before I have to go into the kitchen tomorrow morning! :o

melanie said...

Oh, and "your" link on Conny's blog took me to "It is Well" instead. ??? Go figure.

Mamma James said...

I enjoyed the boys pics! LOL about your shower b4 6a.m.!...I wasn't going to ask if you were going anywhere, but your boys probably did! LOL! And Mussie...LOL! Glad she is giving you a break! :) I haven't heard about Jasmine tea...I will have to check that out! What are the benefits? or is it just good?