Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nature Explorers: Habitat


Finally. We made it outside. It’s good to be back with this lesson included in our week. My pictures may look like it was a glorious time, but as any mom can tell you . . . sometimes getting everyone out of the door can be slightly difficult and keeping everyone happy can be even more difficult. (I only tell you this, because I want you to realize that I am a REAL person. It looks like we do a lot in our week, but remember that I just like to take a lot of pictures.) Thankfully, our outing was just outside our backdoor and we were able to get home in time before everyone fell apart.

Nature Explorers . . . . Habitat.

View Habitat

We played Habitat Bingo that Jennifer created and discussed all of the different habitats, what animals would live there, what their homes would look like, and what food they might eat.

FYI: various habitats include oceans, forests, fields, ponds, swamps, your home, etc. A habitat is a place where a plant or animal lives.

Nature Explorers Habitat 001

We got out of our PJ’s and entered the great outdoors. It was a REALLY sunny day.

Nature Explorers Habitat 006

Nature Explorers Habitat 005

The first habitat we discovered was under the bark of this tree that fell down in a storm. The boys discovered ants.

Nature Explorers Habitat 004

On our return, this same log provided exercise for a Daddy Long Legs.

Nature Explorers Habitat 015

Mr. Smackdown found a leftover dinner from some lucky insect.

Nature Explorers Habitat 007

We discovered a bird’s nest.

Nature Explorers Habitat 009

Acorns were found and collected, in the same place that we turned over a log to discover fungus, ants, and rolly-polly’s.

View under the log

Despite the thorns, a slightly different habitat was found in the woods . . . a miniature wetland. The boys had to work together to get out of this particular prickly situation.

Nature Explorers Habitat 008

And what would be an adventure, without a bit of climbing?

Nature Explorers Habitat 014


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Okay, so that's cool! I'm behind in reading. Been going through tons of your posts that I've missed. I may not have time to comment on them all, but know I'm finally catching up on reading them :o)

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Nice jammies Mr. Smiley! :)

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Thanks for being real! Sometimes I don't even want to read everyone's posts. It just makes me feel sooooo guilty about what I DON'T accomplish! LOL