Monday, November 16, 2009

Up for a Challenge: Boat Races

This past weekend, while I was at a baby shower for my SIL, the Hottie Hubby and his crew embarked on a high seas adventure. They were like competitors preparing for the Madison Regatta or maybe at least giving the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything some serious wind competition.

They were up for Michelle’s challenge, the hostess of this event over at Delightful Learning, but with some serious bending of the rules. The seas in our kitchen were tumultuous but calmed as if Jesus had awakened from a nap in our boats as the rules where thrown overboard with Jonah. (Can you tell we watched a lot of Veggie Tales this weekend?)

Since I was not present for the first ever Granola Regatta, the best I can do is give you what I found on Willow’s memory card.

The supplies were gathered.

boat race 018

Only one competitor had shown up initially. He will assist Captain Daddy.

boat race 019

I am guessing that Captain Daddy helped create the first craft. It appears to be sea-worthy. The ship also acquired a new shipmate, the hooded Mr. Me-Too.

boat race 020

A little wind was added from both sides.

boat race 022

Mr. Smackdown began working on his vessel. I am sure that watching Veggie Tales this weekend helped him design his craft.

boat race 029

boat race 034

A close-up of the ark.

boat race 035

Praise God, the competition gave the feverish Mr. Me-Too a smile.

boat race 032

It was decided that though we didn’t follow the rules what-so-ever beyond the supply list it still accomplished our goals of . . .

  • having Daddy participate in school
  • team work
  • thinking


Michelle said...

I think your goals make up for breaking the rules. If it gets your kids to think while working together and with daddy ~ then all the better. *Ü*

I think their design is very creative and I LOVED that they used the straws to move the boat. Finding unusual ways to use the supplies is a key component of the instant challenge.

Way to go Granola Gang! {and thanks for making this fun!}

Heather said...

You are such a fun writer! And, they are so cute. I think it is great how they work together:) Also, you guys were brilliant using the long tub--I couldn't think of any bucket & ended up letting the kids use the tub, which didn't work too well! I might need to get husband involved:)
PS: I'm added to your google reader but not getting your posts..I'm going to subscribe to RSS. Maybe problem on my end...