Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tot School

Tot School

Mr. Me-Too, 39 months

pumpkin patch, awana 011

Most of our traditional Tot School activities were accomplished at the beginning of the week. After that, school consisted of life, which also provides learning opportunities.

pumpkin patch, awana 010

Lacing cards . . . always add an element of frustration to Mr. Me-Too’s hands. However, they really work on improving fine motor skills and acute concentration. He got to the point where he didn’t want to miss a hole!pumpkin patch, awana 001

He worked on writing the number 1.

pumpkin patch, awana 003

Mr. Smackdown helped sort the Alphabet Pumpkins from File Folder Games.

pumpkin patch, awana 002

And what is a school day without a tea party or snack?

pumpkin patch, awana 005

Mr. Me-Too joined us for Mr. Smackdown’s Saxon Math, and greatly enjoyed creating a movie theater for his counting bears. They were working on 1-to-1 correspondence.

pumpkin patch, awana 007

pumpkin patch, awana 008

pumpkin patch, awana 006

We raked leaves and jumped in the piles.

pumpkin patch, awana 015

Much conversation and activities this past week focused on the upcoming holiday that occurred yesterday, Halloween. You can read about our activities and my thoughts here, and be on the lookout for a follow-up post.

pumpkin patch, awana 043

pumpkin patch, awana 049

We also visited a pioneer settlement, that I already wrote about.

Conner Prairie 011

They sorted the bag of candy that we purchased from Costco into 7 different piles.

pumpkin patch, awana 051

This fun activity was inspired by Royal Baloo. I put some water in those little plastic cups that I have been storing for such a time as this. Then I added food coloring, gave him a medicine dropper, and let him figure out what to do. I really thought he would mix the colors (like his brother did) but . . .

pumpkin patch, awana 052

he just transferred them to another cup!

pumpkin patch, awana 055

I have been collecting bottle caps for several months now. Why? I’m not sure. I just know that Carisa uses them for Tot School. Using tongs the boys had to take the caps out of the coconut oil tub and into their own buckets.

pumpkin patch, awana 057

And a little sparring ensued.

pumpkin patch, awana 060

Mr. Me-Too met the Letter E. I dismantled our Resurrection Eggs and the boys had to match the colors and snap them back together.

pumpkin patch, awana 062

I really like stickers. On the same day that I purchased our ticket stubs, I threw in some garage sale stickers. The boys priced items in some toy catalogues that came in the mail.

View Catalogue fun

We went to the apple orchard with Mama, my amazing mother-in-law who comes every Wednesday to fold laundry spend time with us.

pumpkin patch, awana 069

pumpkin patch, awana 070

Mr. Me-Too discovered a new animal to love . . .

pumpkin patch, awana 095

It was parent night at AWANA, and I was able to shadow Mr. Me-Too until Mr. Smiley became quite tired.

pumpkin patch, awana 098 pumpkin patch, awana 099

And he biked . . .

plasma car halloween 066

and he got in the leaves with Hottie Hubby . . .

plasma car halloween 042

and he told people that Jesus loved them . . .

plasma car halloween 076

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M at Hidden Valley Simplicity said...

I LOVE the colored water idea! I'll have to try that--if I can find some droppers. :)

Nicole {tired, need sleep} said...

Oh my goodness, what a busy, full week! It all looks like fun and I especially love the colored water activity!!

M and M said...

Are you interested in doing a guest post on my series 52 Weeks to the All Natural Lifesyle? If so, do you have anything that could fit into the whole "laying a foundation theme?"

I'm so excited about your site and want to network with women like you, so we can help others find this kind of lifestyle!

If so, you can email me at Mamabzz. :)