Friday, November 20, 2009

30 Days of Thanks: Day 20

Connie, over at From the Heart of My "Haus" is celebrating 30 days of Thanks during the month of November. Be sure to visit her blog and link up with us as we celebrate God's goodness.


I am thankful for . . .

1. Mr. Smiley's delight over his first time joining us for our Starbucks party with Nana.

2. Mr. Smackdown told me that there are little people living in our TV and they have megaphones. I always wondered how pictures showed up on the TV screen.

3. MCL Day! This is the one day a year that my mom, sister and I meet at MCL (with all of our children) to honor my grandma's life. We just have a chaotic lunch enjoying the meal my grandma always got. The only difference is that she always ate her cherry pie first.

4. The highlight of the lunch was when Mr. Smiley burped and sent everyone into giggles!

5. A clean refrigerator. Thanks, Mom!

6. Forget tradition. I want to listen to Christmas music and I am.

7. I have some coconut oil. I missed it so much.

8. I am having fun having my neighbor over to play. They are doing crafts.

9. I am going to meet Baby N this weekend!

10. Even though I broke the Loser Curiser's taillight and scratched the Hottie's car (that is normally gone during the day, but wasn't because he biked) . . . it isn't eternal. I still have salvation even though I screwed up!

11. I took a shower before lunch.

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Kristen McG said...

I love love love number 6. As hard as the holidays will be this year, I'm craving all things Christmas like never before. :)

melanie said...

Love Mr. Smiley's *smiles* =)

Sarah said...

LOVE those pictures of Mr. Smiley!

christina said...

I am thankful for Mr. Smiley's smile, also! So sweet! :) What a great way to honor your grandma...remember the daily school bus honk?