Monday, November 2, 2009

Much Ado about Halloween -- Conclusion

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He sat . . . waiting.

plasma car halloween 074

Wondering why no one was coming to his door.

Where are the people? Where are the kids? He was ready to begin class. He had it all planned out. The Hottie Hubby and I would bring the adults into our school room and teach them about Jesus; and he would take the kids into the family room and tell them all sorts of stories about his Savior.

Wow. Don’t tell him that his mom just wanted to take the chicken way out and give each dressed up guest a bag of candy with a track. Totally impersonally. But I am an honest person. I find myself getting scared when I tell people about God. I don’t like being rejected (when in reality it isn’t me they are rejecting . . . it is God).

Then his brother joined him.

plasma car halloween 076

And they waited like two old men.

We decided to pray. And the people came after each prayer we spoke.

50 bags of candy were passed out. 50 bags with the message of Jesus. We had just enough bags for the allotted time frame pronounced by the city.

plasma car halloween 082

As each person turned from our door, Mr. Me-Too would chase after them yelling saying, “Jesus loves you. OK? OK?”

If he didn’t get a response, then he restated the fact. “Jesus love you, OK!” You can see him lovingly chasing after one of our visitors.

plasma car halloween 080

Looking back, the Hottie Hubby and I are pleased with our choice. We gave our boys a valuable lesson: how to be in the world but not like the world. After all, our citizenship is in heaven (Philippians 3: 20). They absolutely loved giving away all of the candy.

However, Mr. Smackdown was a little curious as to why we would be giving people sugar, if sugar is so bad for you . . .

But they demonstrated such joy in greeting people and showing hospitality. It was a really neat night. Halloween doesn’t have to be dark. Christians don’t have to hibernate for an early winter.


Anonymous said...

We made cupcakes and memorized a poem. The houses we visited were family and neighbors. THEY got the treat (well, so did the costumeless kids). The guys at the convenience store (Indian or Pakistani?) were in awe that they kids were there to give THEM something and not demand for themselves. Of course, they are also always surprised when we ask to clean up their lot and don't ask for payment of any kind. Giving IS fun.

Prasti said...

how cool to see how the Lord worked during that time. just enough bags? that's not a coincidence! i love the fact that your kids were so excited a/b sharing jesus and the awkward feelings or fear of rejection, like you mentioned (i'm the same way too sometimes). romans 1:16: "for i am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..."

Conny said...

that is precious, Jodi!!! I remember once at church my son - about 4 or 5 years old at the time - discovered what "tracts" were & I guess heard a teacher or our pastor talk about giving them out. He gave one to the grocery checker after I paid - and she said, "NO THANK YOU." and looked at me like I'd put the kid up to it. It was a hard lesson for him/us (I was embarrassed, and I shouldn't have been)...Anyway, we still leave tracts when we remember to - but really, my son still is often the one to remind me we should leave/give a tract out.

Casey said...

precious! I could just hear his voice yelling Jesus loves you ok!