Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Three (well 4) Things You Didn't Know About Me

My life is pretty much an open book.

I blog.

But what don't I blog about? What do I keep hidden from my constituents?

  1. Once in a while I crave a Hardee's Diet Coke. My Diet Coke has to be from Hardee's, not McDonald's. I like the way Hardee's mixes their Coke. The combination of the syrup with Hardee's ice cubes can't be beat. After nominating myself an unofficial loudmouth organic advocate and being either pregnant or nursing for the past six years, I decided that it was an unhealthy, detrimental habit. But I still miss it. Like when I go to the movies. Or sit down to have a pizza. Or go on a car ride.
  2. Sometimes I wish that I was ignorant to the truth about processed, prepackaged foods and white flour and sugar. Sometimes, I wish that I made simple three ingredient casserole meals. It would be nice to not think about what I am going to make for dinner the day before to determine if I need to start sprouting or fermenting something. But I never share about my secret thoughts for an easy life. Being a pioneer is adventurous and different. But sometimes, I'm tired of being different and weird.
  3. My dream is to live on some land with the family that houses a stream, several square foot gardens, two cows, lots of chickens, 6 horses and some mountains while Hottie Husband gets to work for God at Engineering Ministries International.
  4. I would love to adopt a little girl. Shh! Hottie Husband doesn't know that yet!

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silverhartgirl said...

I so want to live on some land too. I love your number three

Rebecca Jo said...

OK - you are like amazing.. I wish WISH WISH I could be a natural sorta person - I guess because I AM ignorant of things... My oldest step daughter is like you - knows all the bad stuff - I always tell her, "I dont WANNA know!"

You're my new hero!

kristen said...

I like you! :)
This made me smile. And I'm glad to know you still crave a diet coke every once in a while. Now- how did you learn to fight the urge? haha..
Also- that's a great picture of you!

kristilea said...

It does have to get tiring. I've been trying so hard to eat healthier and learn all I can about foods. I've made good progress, but I know I still have a long way to go. My health is depending upon it, so I keep pressing on.

I do miss Colorado very much. Georgia is the pretiest place I've been since then. I often wish my kids could grow up bicycling through the canyons and camping in the mountains on top of twin lakes as I did, but God knows what's best. I just can't stand the mosquitos here! They eat my alive! Thanks for stoping by my blog.

Rick and Beth said...

Oooooo, I love #4! Girls are fun!

Cute pic, too!

Booklover1212 said...

Hopping over from the Blog Hop to say hi from Colorado!

I enjoyed reading your post And learned a little too!

~ Jennifer

Melissa said...

Oh your cute!