Monday, July 6, 2009

Black Bean Hummus

When I need to whip up something for a party, I often make Black Bean Hummus. Beans and garlic are staples in our pantry. Any form of hummus, whether made from black beans or chick peas, my sons will eat. If it doesn't look like beans, it passes the Granola Family Kid test. Not only is this dip simple to make, but it tastes delicious and is packed with nutrition.

The recipe I am going to give you is a bit different than how I make it in real life. If I made it as below, then I wouldn't be living up to my name, Granola Mom. You will or can use a can to make it quickly and with little effort; I, however, typically soak my beans overnight in water and whey and then they sit in the crock pot on high with some fresh garlic cloves for another 7 hours.

To be honest, a big reason why I soak my beans is because it makes them . . . well . . . less flatulent producing. I suppose I don't need to soak them because my sons dearly love to fart for fun. It makes them giggle.

Black Bean Hummus
1 can black beans, rinsed
3 cloves of garlic (I often use an entire head, wrap it in foil, and bake it at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. I think the hummus tastes better this way.)
1 splash of lemon juice
salt to taste

Blend the above ingredients until smooth. Use veggies, pita chips, or crackers as dunkers. Additionally, you can lather some hummus on a wheat tortilla. Add finely chopped up cucumbers and shredded cheese. Roll the tortilla up and serve!


3boysmom said...

Never thought to make my hummus with black beans, I've just always used chickpeas...thanks for the inspiration!!!

BTW, my 3 boys love the bodily noises too...and considering my 29 year old brother encourages them, I don't think the humor in it ever ends!!

Sarah said...

Ohh! I never thought to make it in the crockpot! Great idea!!! (my kitchen won't get so hot! I usually do it on the stove all day)