Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tot School 6

Tot School

We have knights living in our house. Knights or Soldiers for God, that is.

Instead of just giving Mr. Me-Too his gift, his kind Auntie encouraged us to help Mr. Me-Too put on the "full armor of God" (See Ephesians 6: 10-18). The boys have been proudly fighting each other ever since, and immediately learning when they have stabbed Granola Mom a little bit too hard. (I, of course, remained calm when this rude slap greeted my back one afternoon. Not!)

This week was about sharing. That is Mr. Me-Too sharing, and Mr. Smackdown, the eldest, taking. But Mr. Me-Too was very generous with his new birthday gifts.

What I love about their new red horse is that they have to work together.
I tried to get us outside more. For some reason, we often stay inside. Part of that might be because typically I am always preparing, fermenting, grinding, or growing something that needs tending to. But since I haven't been eating solid food recently, well, it gave me more time to do important and eternal things, like investing in my kiddos and spending quality time with them.
Well, once again, I just couldn't make myself move on. I went through a bunch of old Tot School post on 1+1+1=1, and wanted to begin our collection of alphabet wall collages. So, the Letter A makes yet another encore. (When will our ants come?!!!)

I had meant for Mr. Me-Too to make thumb print ants on his Letter A, but he used his new markers to trace the Letter A. It worked.
I love how Mr. Smackdown holds all of his fingers back when he goes to make his pinkie-print. He is concentrating so hard and trying to make sure it is a perfect ant. Yup, he is a first born!
More daily life lessons--we had our carpet green cleaned professionally. In the past, I haven't even considered getting my carpet cleaned by a service. However, our ValPak had a coupon for a company that uses BioKleen. Sold! Look at how dirty our carpet was! 7 years of life.
We tried out our fine motor skills and are going to create wire letters, as seen on 1+1+1=1.
And we read about Timmy learning to be responsible in Storytime with the Millers. The boys were to color the cage and bunny, glue string to create the wire cage, and add a fuzzy tale and wiggly eyes.
I captured one of those precious moments.

A moment when I know we have chosen wisely to homeschool. I'm so thankful that these slices of heaven aren't shared with another teacher.
And to complete a busy week, our friend C stopped by with his sister and mommy. The Misters learned a good life lesson in being gentle with instruction and teaching C how to play in the sandbox. It was pretty cute.