Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tot School

Tot School
Mr. Me-Too is 39 Months old.

The week was rather short, as we finished up our battle with the unwanted visitor. But the little that we did do was fun . . . and it was nice to fall back in some normalcy.

The new Tot Trays were unveiled Thursday.

They spied the rescue and police men that I found at the Dollar Store. I created a bunker by painting a used dishwasher cardboard box. The goal was to get the rescue heroes to safety.

Instead of working together like normal heroes, there was a red team and a blue team.

Once everyone made it safely to shelter, we dumped them all out.

The new assignment was to line up in army formation, or a straight line.

Mr. Me-Too got very frustrated with this task because it required control over his fine motor skills (which he didn't know that) and his men kept falling.

J came and saved the day. With help, Mr. Me-Too was able to line his men up.

We colored a few different Thanksgiving printables from

And painted using this Thanksgiving printable from Little Blots, which I had from when I taught Kindergarten.

Due to an unfortunate accident between a mug of coffee and myself, the Hottie had used some brown rice to dry out a few electronic items. Not wanting to throw the precious organic rice away, it provided a great material for a tot tray. I gave Mr. Me-Too several scoops to try his hand at and decide which was was the easiest to use.


Cassie said...

I love the rescue hero activities! How fun!

Sarah said...

I love the trays! they looks so fun... I wanna come play! :-) I should work twd getting some set up for Mr. A I really think he'd like them!

Carisa said...

Love the heroes ;-) toooo cute!