Thursday, November 5, 2009 | Family mission: Give back to Earth | Indianapolis, Indiana

Well . . . we have been waiting for this article to be published for a few months weeks and the day has finally arrived. Each morning, I would wake up and check out the website with great anticipation and then crumble into a muddy puddle of mostly organic tears (OK, I am exaggerating).

But for little people like me, it is pretty cool to have an article written about myself. Check it out!

While you are at it . . . vote for me at the Top 50 Indiana Blogs website. Am I groveling? | Family mission: Give back to Earth | Indianapolis, Indiana

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Prasti said...

awesome! congratulations :). we haven't bought actual cleaning products in years...often using our vinegar/water solution to clean. our little city also recently made recycling mandatory, which made me do a little happy jig :). congrats again!

Mamma James said...

Great article! It encourages me to keep on moving towards a greener lifestyle! Thanks!